1- News of the abandonment of a mother dog and her six puppies in a municipal park resulted in a number of calls to the newspaper from people hoping to adopt the animals.

2- Often the only other option is abandonment, especially for castles and monuments not located in tourist regions.

3- The very act is rooted in a sense of abandonment.

4- I can sum it up in one word: abandonment," she says.

5- And he has spent most of his life trying to overcome a sense of maternal abandonment.

6- Dog abandonment is a fineable, misdemeanor crime in Las Vegas.

7- Health researcher, Mary Baker Eddy, went through years of discouragement, abandonment, grief and illness.

8- I just threw myself into it with reckless abandonment.

9- I think America's abandonments say more about this countries penchant for capitalism above all else."

10- The whole district had an air of abandonment and neglect.

11- The problems were made worse by the legacy of centuries of neglect.(30) The whole district had an air of abandonment and neglect.

12- Bishop's change in theological position and his abandonment of monastic life both caused sorrow to his community.

13- He was simply overwhelmed with a feeling of abandonment.

14- A friend failing to turn up for a date may reawaken deep-seated fears of abandonment.

15- Social insurance may be justified on grounds of adverse selection, decision - making costs, income distribution, or paternalism.29. With the abandonment of mercantilism and the grant of oversea state trading monopolies, paternalism gave way to private enterprise.

16- Rusted chains hung from roof girders; the floor was concrete, fouled by the windswept detritus of years of abandonment.

17- The most important change must be the abandonment of tariffs, and the freeing of international food exchange.30. It came clear from the bag, her finger slipping on to the trigger, thumb freeing the safety catch.