1- Drain it, dump buckets, water barrels, said Desiree Keeney, field operations manager at Ada County Mosquito abatement.

2- He said that with abatement, three estimates would be obtained for the work.

3- June 29, 2012: SWO for failure to control the release of asbestos during an abatement project.

4- Kennewick Police say they do have a “Graffiti abatement Program" to help aid the city with cleaning up tags.

5- She said a meeting had taken place in September following the issuing of the noise abatement notice in July 2013.

6- The aim of the abatement is to discover and control mosquito populations before they become problematic.

7- The Department of Corrections earlier paid a more than $70,000 fine and closed down its asbestos abatement program.

8- The site is contained by berms and other abatement equipment.

9- The work is to be performed by Carolina Lead abatement Inc. at a cost of $8,750.

10- As a result of this outreach, 64 buildings received lead abatement work worth approximately $750,000.

11- From £710,000 in 1842, it now exceeds £2,800,000, though the exemptions and abatements are much more extensive.

12- This is a pity, because noise abatement really is a good cause, and it is likely to be discredited if it gets to be ...

13- SF has the effects of scavenging free radical and abatementing the lipid peroxidament of cell membrane and increasing the activity of antioxidase.

14- Noise from industrial or commercial activities is controlled by means of Noise abatement Notices.30. According to 50 reports of clinical manifestation from myogenic migraine patients, the symptoms of 12 patients were disappeared, and there was significant abatement on the other patients.

15- Form 843 Tax abatement - The tax abatement strategy is very creative.

16- The methods and standards for assessing air pollution can be found in the Technical Memorandum for Issuing Air Pollution abatement Notices.

17- Test results show that the noise abatement effect is satisfactory.

18- Initially, the Government accepted that the 5 percent abatement would also be lifted from other short-term benefits when these became taxable.

19- A bit-by-bit abatement of government control over business.

20- The blueshifting continues without abatement , down to arbitrarily short distances.

21- SF has the effects of scavenging free radical and abatementing the lipid peroxidament of cell membrane and increasing the activity of antioxidase.

22- Practical ways of smoke abatement and dedusting and consumption Lawering in medium mini furnace at present are provided.

23- The main obstacle to the widespread use of abatement techniques is the significant and variable national costs which are incurred.

24- The stronger the abatement actions are, the higher the macroeconomic cost of per unit emission reduction would be.

25- It is the number of tax abatement is different from the latter only reduces the level of taxable income.

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