1- We cannot overestimate her ability.

2- The repairs to the old car are hampered by a lack of availability of parts.

3- Your continued inability to quit smoking will only undermine our efforts to treat your heart disease.

4- In our company, people are promoted according to merit: connections are not important, ability is.

5- messI will be testing your ability to use the new vocabulary both orally, and in writing.

6- The old woman's ability to move about has been seriously impaired by arthritis.

7- I get bored by the predictability of commercial films.

8- I always know that the good guy will win, and the story will end happily.

9- He is a man of ability.

10- Her ability to amass a fortune is due to luck and hard work.

11- He has the ability to speak ten languages.

12- minshiruiThese days when I hear about these horrible incidents on the news I get the feeling that more and more young people are losing their ability to distinguish between real and virtual worlds.

13- Michael McCarthy wrote that the purpose of vocabulary learning should include both remembering words and the ability to use them automatically in a wide range of language contexts when the need arises.

14- Gold prices are skyrocketing in the wake of financial instability.

15- Sometimes a less talented athlete can compensate for his lack of ability by practising more.

16- My son's ability at math has improved this year.

17- The report cited a number of similar projects as proof of its viability.

18- He was not at all surprised at her ability.

19- Vincent Van Gogh's inability to form fulfilling personal relationships manifested itself in the feelings of isolation illustrated by his paintings.

20- Baseline design and flight capability predictions for reusable winged hybrid rocket system.

21- Endurance is the ability to draw on deep reserves of energy when required.

22- Reliability is a characteristic which employers consider extremely important.

23- David Boyd has suggested that a nation's commitment to sustainability can be measured by the amount of money budgeted for environmental protection.

24- The more records a professional athlete sets, the more his marketability increases.

25- Rosalyn Carter once said that you have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.

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