1- Specimens of hair taken from the factory workers showed abnormally high levels of lead in their systems.

2- Temperatures have been abnormally high this summer, and a couple of records have been broken.

3- The price of real estate has been rising abnormally in Japan.

4- Once the weather cools and is more moderate, any abnormally hot spells can be dealt with at the time.

5- Almost 99% of California is considered abnormally dry or worse; almost two-thirds of the state is in extreme drought.

6- But how to explain the abnormally long tail, marked by the Dipper's handle?

7- CADORS says one of the crew members saw oil escaping from the engine breather vent at "an abnormally high rate."

8- He also somehow realizes that Hardin was acting abnormally.

9- He wears a white collared shirt that matches his abnormally pale skin, another drunk soul on this street of ghosts.

10- Part of south and coastal Texas is experiencing abnormally dry to drought conditions.

11- Places from the Florida Panhandle to Louisiana are experiencing abnormally dry to severe drought conditions.

12- This appears to be caused by an abnormally high number of IRQ wakeup events.

13- Typically, the lungs in such babies develop abnormally, leaving them unable to breathe on their own.

14- Depending upon the cause, it may be associated with abnormally painful periods ( dysmenorrhea ).

15- He also stated that 90 percent of the inmates of the American asylums he has visited are abnormally fond of ragtime."

16- He is distinguished from his entourage of bodyguards as an abnormally tall figure.

17- It has also been discovered that abnormally high water levels often kill tamarack stands.

18- She looks abnormally young to be a mother, and it surprises the other characters to learn she is.

19- The cause of the abnormally large occurrence of the disease in Cadillac is as of yet unknown.

20- The ventricle then behaves as a balloon made from abnormally thick rubber.

21- They are abnormally smart for Hork-Bajir, and usually serve as leaders of their groups.

22- This results in an abnormally high yield of first authored student publication in peer-reviewed journals.

23- 2009: Concerns surfaced in France first in 2009 when surgeons started reporting an abnormally high rupture rates.

24- These women have abnormally low progesterone levels during the O, L and M, regardless of whether ovulation occurs.

25- Zeke begins to behave abnormally, without Becky or Pyro noticing that Zeke's eye color has changed to a pale gray.

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