1- Small-market teams already have been grumbling about the disparity in local TV contracts.

2- Actresses are beginning to speak out about that enormous disparity.

3- And it turns out we don't have disparity," he said.

4- But she and Jackson said that employers now will have to give legitimate reasons for disparity in pay between genders.

5- During that period, income disparity more than doubled.

6- Income disparity ranked first among the threats.

7- MBA INEQUALITYOne of the more stark divisions represented in the data is the pay disparity between different programs.

8- Meanwhile, Idaho was ranked 20th on a disparity index that measures the gaps between racial and ethnic groups.

9- New video from Ferguson shooting death The impact of Ferguson's racial disparity Could cop body cams ease tension?

10- Nowhere is this disparity more glaring than in the city's low-income neighborhoods.

11- Once the disparity is known, the challenge is coming up with a strategy to reduce it.

12- That disparity more or less amounts to Popovich intentionally tying one of his team’s hands behind its back.

13- The disparity extends beyond childhood games.

14- The disparity in free throws really shows a sign of aggressiveness, San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said.

15- The disparity in what he wants 3.5 BILLION when the House is seeking 694 MILLION.

16- The other Washington, as in D.C., was by far the best for women in terms of both actual pay and disparity.

17- The results on the field reflect the disparity.

18- This data shows the extreme demographic disparity among those who are able to give and those who are able to give less.

19- To address this disparity, Mulligan says, his committee is open to ideas.

20- What does it mean when you have such large disparity?

21- However, this disparity is hardly just an innocuous result of a more heterogeneous society.

22- There is a disparity - not only ethnically, but also the social classes."""

23- A key reason for this disparity is that infectious disease often results in poor food intake and nutrient absorption.

24- A person's stereoacuity determines the minimum image disparity they can perceive as depth.

25- As Stephen Calabria writes, experts see numerous reasons for the disparity.

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