1- Neighbors said the owner of the inflatable house has children but that they were not the ones injured.

2- A few weeks later, around midnight, Yahya walked out in the Mediterranean and hauled himself into an inflatable boat.

3- A rigid inflatable boat was used to take 40 adults and two children from the store.

4- Activities for kids included a bike rodeo, a bicycle raffle, face painting and inflatables.

5- An Island of Refugees A group of Syrians arrives on Lesvos after sailing on an inflatable raft from Turkey.

6- Bigelow Aerospace is designing an inflatable space hotel that can hold six people from 10 to 60 days.

7- By that time the crew were on an inflatable raft.

8- Cars and trucks were submerged and people used inflatable lounge chairs to float down the street, in surreal scenes.

9- Firefighters were forced to place a large inflatable mat on the road below.

10- He smiled, decided to finally quit his job delivering tropical inflatables, and stayed on the subway a little longer.

11- He's one of thousands of migrants who have landed on the island's shores, after boarding inflatable boats from Turkey.

12- I Plastic inflatable chairs are usually children's toys.

13- In one case it transferred a group of 300 people rescued off three inflatables to MSF's Dignity One.

14- It is free admission and will have inflatable obstacle course along with other attractions.

15- Italian military helicopters lowered inflatable rafts.

16- Items found so far include a life jacket, an emergency exit door, an inflatable slide, children's shoes and luggage.

17- Jacques Cartier Park (Gatineau): Activities run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. including face painting, inflatable fun and more.

18- Luci is a lightweight, inflatable and durable LED lantern with a solar powered lithium polymer battery.

19- Notes: The movie is screened on a giant 40-foot inflatable screen on the beach at West 10th Street.

20- Or an inflatable swan - maybe a little over the top there, right coach?

21- Pieces of half-built arms are scattered about, and an inflatable kiddie pool sits between tables.

22- Pyke says people will see firefighters getting in and out of the water along with their inflatable boat.

23- Smith said the pattern of injuries from inflatable bounce houses is similar to injuries suffered from trampoline use.

24- Strangely, Smith’s inflatable metal beetle seems never to have gotten beyond the model stage.

25- striving for the maximum level of immersion is kind of like an inflatable doll.

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