1- Actor James Earl Jones once suggested that because criminals carry guns, law-abiding citizens should also have guns, otherwise the criminals will win and decent people will lose.

2- It's ironic that the most law-abiding people obediently did the worst things.

3- irritableA good young man, law-abiding young man who would never think to do anything wrong.

4- How much worse can it get for the millions of law-abiding minorities, struggling to be seen as individuals?

5- Tauruses were comparatively more law-abiding, with 1,018 offenders, or 7.31 percent, the statistics showed.

6- “No law-abiding people should ever have reason to fear the police," Hales said.

7- A family man with a wife and an infant at home, he managed a factory and was a law-abiding citizen.

8- And being the law-abiding boy scout that you are, I am sure you support and defend the ACA, since it is law.

9- Being a law-abiding person, I will do my best to contribute.

10- He explained his support for law-abiding citizens protecting themselves against imminent threats in the article.

11- I am a law-abiding and taxpaying citizen and I have worked very hard to purchase my first home.

12- Imposing a speed limit that is below this instinctual rate means law-abiding drivers disrupt the flow of traffic.

13- It's frustrating that so many think the answer lies in stripping law-abiding citizens of the right to self defense.

14- law-abiding people are going to follow the law.

15- Most Arabs citizens of Israel are law-abiding."

16- Most gun owners are law-abiding citizens."

17- That's terrible and I'm ashamed of all these people that purport to be law-abiding Americans.

18- When we disarm the law-abiding, criminals will still have guns.

19- Wu's family says he's a law-abiding businessman whose rivals have framed him to seize his assets.

20- The law-abiding residents of Compton lived in homes with bars on windows and double locks on doors.

21- He said he wanted to collect more information from terrorists, not law-abiding Americans.

22- Terrorist has become a euphemism for Arabs and Muslims, whether or not they are law-abiding.

23- There are tons of other people who own perfectly clean, law-abiding food carts.

24- This education subsequently allowed Luther to find a State Church and educate his followers into a law-abiding community.

25- This is about the corporate gun lobby, not law-abiding gun owners, she said.

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