1- Before entering the military base, you have to check in at the gate.

2- The military base is well camouflaged to keep it from being seen from above.

3- Before entering the military base, you have to check in at the gate.

4- You must show your identification before entering the military base.

5- Russia has SA-6 and S-300 long range surface-to-air missiles at the Russian 102nd military base.

6- Echizen Province grew into an important military base guarding the capital provinces from the North.

7- Some METARs are encoded by automated airport weather stations located at airports, military bases, and other sites.

8- The sheriff explains it is coming from a nearby military base, and offers to show them case files of past sightings.

9- Laxness was critical of the fact that Icelandic jurisdiction was not applicable to the area within the military base.

10- They say lenders target the young and the poor, particularly those near military bases and in low-income communities.

11- The Sa'iqa had also been engaged in heavy fighting at Serabaeum, Deversoir and the nearby military base of Abu Sultan.

12- Sangley Point National High School (SPNHS) is a Secondary High School located inside the Sangley Point military base, Cavite City.

13- This was achieved by means of arms raids launched between 1951 and 1954, on British military bases in Northern Ireland and England.

14- Tapia got married, and at age 17 he left to work as a civilian on a military base in Alaska because he was involved in a street fight.

15- The NEA held 20 writing workshops at military bases around the nation, and Carroll edited the servicemembers' works into the new book.

16- U. S. Air Force stock aviation footage was also used to establish the military base setting and to pad-out the film's meager running time.

17- Some 20,000 men were employed in building military bases, but the government kept wages low so as to not destroy the labor force for fishing.

18- Sevare has a very important military base.

19- He eventually landed at a military base.

20- The massacre took place in 2014 at a former US military base.

21- Ottawa has said military bases are an option for interim housing.

22- The Houthi-run Saba news agency said Saudi-led air raids had repeatedly struck the military base.

23- Jerusalem is now a military base, sons of Jerusalem are now banned from entering the Old City."""

24- An Israeli soldier votes at a military base in the settlement of Gush Etzion, West Bank, March 17, 2015.

25- Rebel soldiers of Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) gather at a military base in Kokang …

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