1- To demonstrate how it works, a Navy SEAL submerges a rat into a small container of the oxygenated water.

2- Conversely, the umbilical arteries return the deoxygenated, nutrient-depleted blood.

3- Most American gasoline retailers have ceased using MTBE as an oxygenate and US production has declined.

4- Most refiners chose MTBE over other oxygenates primarily for its blending characteristics and for economic reasons.

5- The requirement for a non-oxygenated fuel is a major problem with these STCs.

6- They seem to be gasping, so I would guess the water is not oxygenated, Tsuhako told DNAinfo.

7- Oxygenation causes a color change between the colorless Cu(I) deoxygenated form and the blue Cu(II) oxygenated form.

8- In cyanide poisoning, the body cannot utilize oxygen, so the venous blood remains oxygenated, increasing the redness.

9- Two examples are shown in Figs. 9 and 10. PAM can detect changes in oxygenated/deoxygenated hemoglobin in small vessels.

10- More oxygenated blood in a particular region is assumed to correlate with an increase in neural activity in that part of the brain.

11- These should then die when they come in contact with the tumour's oxygenated sides, meaning they would be harmless to the rest of the body.

12- The chalk was formed in warm, shallow, well oxygenated waters from the remains of micro-organisms (coccolithophores), over millions of years.

13- The burner is designed to properly oxygenate and distribute the flames.

14- The body requires oxygenated blood for survival.

15- These fish should be kept in well-oxygenated aquarium with a high current.

16- The bands were produced at the tipping point between an anoxic and an oxygenated ocean.

17- Pyridine N-oxides can be deoxygenated by phosphorus oxychloride * Sacrificial catalysis.

18- They use an air bladder to breathe air which helps them survive in poorly oxygenated water.

19- The fungus is grown in continually oxygenated water in large, otherwise sterile fermentation tanks.

20- Biology Species are found predominantly in fast flowing, well oxygenated rivers, occasionally also in lakes.

21- The bronchi supply air and pulmonary arteriessupply blood to the lungs. Together they take in air from theatmosphere, oxygenate the blood, and excrete the carbon dioxide backout of the body.

22- Surgery in which the thoracic cavity is opened to expose the heart and the blood is recirculated and oxygenated by a heart-lung machine.

23- Mbuna have a basic requirement for moderately hard, alkaline water which should be extremely clean and well-oxygenated.

24- Supports a healthy blood stream that will nourish, purify, strengthen, oxygenate and hydrogenate every cell in your body.

25- Previously, MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) was the oxygenate of choice, but fell out of favour in 2004 when it was found to contaminate ground water.

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