1- “There was a week," he recalls, “where every night backstage I would have a panic attack.

2- Anyone who has never had a panic attack doesn't understand it.

3- But she had second thoughts and never showed up, checking herself into a hospital for a panic attack instead.

4- I am proud of that work, but still feel a huge sense of failure every time I let panic attacks get the best of me.

5- I was kind of having a little panic attack, Alvarez said.

6- In the years that followed, Huerta couldn't leave the house without suffering a panic attack.

7- I've never once craved another cigarette or had a panic attack.

8- Mackenzie Lough, 14, has an anxiety disorder and uses a service dog to help ease her panic attacks.

9- Only T'nuk's insults can snap him out of his panic attacks.

10- panic attack lifted Overkill again onto the arena wall.

11- panic attacks, depression, suicidal feelings, rage, puppy love, things that don't make sense in a logical world.

12- Q: About a decade ago, you had some life problems that culminated in an on-air panic attack.

13- She said she had suffered panic attacks since she was a child.

14- She said that after she got back, she had what she calls a panic attack in the supermarket.

15- She was also claiming £6,000 a year in council-funded taxi rides because public transport gave her panic attacks.

16- Terrorhurtz continuosly hit panic attack with their axe.

17- The agitated piece is the anxiety and panic attacks.

18- The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says it may trigger panic attacks.

19- When a friend orders pot to spike her appetite, the episode swerves into a comic sequence involving a panic attack.

20- Yesterday she had a panic attack and she was having trouble breathing.

21- Alex didn't know that Paige was stressed out and was suffering from panic attacks.

22- I suffered from nightmares and panic attacks and had counselling to help me cope.

23- Later, the panic attack team found that a loose screw had grounded on the shell, causing the interference.

24- On some occasions, when she feels pressured by strangers, she suffers from panic attacks.

25- panic attack flipped X-Terminator, but it rolled back onto its wheels.

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