1- The young woman put on some soothing music, and sat down with a glass of wine to relax with her husband.

2- "Just relax and close your eyes," she said soothingly.

3- The effect of his music is quite soothing.

4- The effect of Moroccan designs can be powerful and soothing.

5- A boat ride away in the Sea of Marmara, the islands offer a soothing natural environment, sightseeing and cycle rides.

6- A soothing voice, a relationship oracle.

7- At first glance, the women might seem an obstacle to soothing the decades-old war tensions between Seoul and Tokyo.

8- Beware: if you've had an addiction in the past, make sure you don't turn to that narcotic as a source of soothing.

9- Bryan Cohen, co-founder of the company, said itís very soothing and helps them cope with the stress of work.

10- But behind the soothing rhetoric is a regime which tortures journalists, imprisons bloggers and hangs poets.

11- But why would it even be interesting-let alone soothing-that two random, unrelated items could be physically combined?

12- Consider it a case for making it to yoga class more often, or cranking up a soothing playlist on your commute home.

13- He can hear the faint sounds of the outside world mingling with the soothing sound of his mother's voice.

14- I got about six feet away, sat down and talked to it in a soothing way, telling it things would be okay.

15- It pours itself all over you like soothing lava.

16- It's such a big moment that a congratulatory hug is going to be very soothing to my big sister soul.

17- Jeroen van den Oever visibly cringes when he thinks of plastic carebots soothing elderly instead of their loved ones.

18- Langeís words may have been haunting, but underneath the soft clouds above, they were, in a strange way, soothing.

19- Lee starts from strength in soothing these frictions.

20- Listen to the haunting, soothing beauty of Floeberg here.

21- Many listen to music, soothing for some, amped up for others.

22- Much government effort will now have to be devoted to soothing frayed nerves.

23- So to look your best, adopt a soothing night time regimen that reduces stress.

24- The changing room showers feature a bunch of cool misting and soothing features.

25- There is also a soothing menagerie of ponies, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks for "students to pet and hold".

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