1- He turned the steering wheel the other way about.

2- A car has one steering wheel.

3- A young girl was at the steering wheel.

4- steering wheels of American cars are on the left side.

5- If you whip the steering wheel around like that on a snowy road, the car is going to go into a slide.

6- By putting a special device on the steering wheel of your car, you can greatly decrease the chances of theft of your vehicle.

7- They are: A cable to the driver air bag module can be damaged by the steering wheel, disabling the bag.

8- Ernie builds almost everything including the steering wheel, the frame rails and the floor pans.

9- Gaggo died cowering behind his cars steering wheel.

10- Google ditched the steering wheel because people are 'unreliable'

11- He said just 30 pounds of force should be needed to turn the steering wheel.

12- In New Zealand and many other countries, the steering wheel is on what Americans consider the passenger side.

13- Install an anti-theft device that locks the steering wheel, column or brakes.

14- Intended to be simple, friendly and practical, the lack of steering wheel or pedals is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

15- Passengers then watched in disbelief as the man began hitting the driver and grabbing the steering wheel.

16- Police allegedly found Warburton slumped over the steering wheel of her vehicle.

17- Police found her passed out over the steering wheel and one officer suspected she might have suffered a seizure.

18- Someone drilled through the steering wheel shaft.

19- The increased steering effort fit well, too, with the well-sized and tactilely pleasing steering wheel.

20- The muscle cars are being inspected for a "suspect part" that attaches the air bag to the steering wheel.

21- The poster said they always drove at the speed limit, and frequently used their knee to manipulate the steering wheel.

22- The systems, the button on the steering wheel..

23- There was no steering wheel vibration, shifting or bouncing.

24- Your children may never have to learn to turn a steering wheel.

25- Your hands and arm are feeling pressure in the steering wheel.

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