seriously in a sentence

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Despite the abundance of natural wealth in Gabon, the nation’s economy has been seriously affected by poor fiscal management.

You may have apologized to your sister, but you have seriously hurt her feelings nevertheless, and I want you to think about that.

The construction of roads along the stream to carry logging trucks into the forest is seriously impacting important salmon habitat.

So seriously taken were land boundary laws that the ancient Romans executed farmers who moved boundary stones, even if by accident.

Someone shouted fire during the movie, and two people were seriously injured when people panicked trying to get out of the building.

Lak has a very casual attitude about everything, which some people find annoying because he doesn’t seem to take anything seriously.

The infrastructure of the country, including the communications and transportation systems, was seriously damaged by the earthquake.

In the U.S. , many people have to mortgage their house to pay for the medical care of a family member who becomes seriously ill.

The school was sued by the parents of a young girl who was seriously injured in gym class when a piece of equipment broke while she was using it.

Over 20 people were injured, some seriously, in a multi-car crash on the highway last night, but luckily there have been no fatalities as of yet.

Joan went to see a nutritionist because she is seriously into weight-lifting, and wanted to make sure her diet would help her to build up muscle.

It has been suggested that good looks are sometimes an obstacle for female executives because the men around them don’t always take them seriously.

Cyclist Greg Lemond’s triumph in the Tour de France was remarkable, given that he had been seriously injured in a shooting accident the year before.

Public pressure is mounting to deport the foreign Ambassador as a result of an accident in which he seriously injured a local woman while drunk driving.

Rajiv’s mother was seriously injured in a car accident which occurred when she was momentarily distracted by her cell phone while driving on the highway.

Of course he thought it was a joke and let it slide with a hm?

but he was seriously annoyed.

I mean, just don’t say things like that even as a joke!
The government seems to be exploiting the environment of fear which has arisen as a result of the terrorist attacks on New York to introduce some laws which seriously curtail civil rights.

The fire that seriously damaged Windsor Castle in 1992 is believed to have started when a spotlight came into contact with a curtain over an extended period of time, causing the fabric to eventually burst into flames.

The fire that seriously damaged Windsor Castle in 1992 is believed to have started when a spotlight came into contact with a curtain over an extended period of time, causing the fabric to eventually burst into flames.

We are taking the lawsuit seriously, said UFO head Nicoley Baublies.

Now a lot of people are seriously looking into the future of Taiwan.

That is a responsibility I accept and take seriously,” Beckham said.

In 2010 he was attacked and seriously injured by unknown assailants.

“But we will look into the cases of the children’s deaths seriously.’

Family lawyer Maria Matousis, 38, was seriously injured by the blast.

The Celtics led by as many as 30 and were never seriously threatened.

Unemployment hurts You can see why people take joblessness seriously.

Residents were treated on the scene but no one was seriously injured.

Those most seriously injured were taken to Harborview Medical Center.

In a statement earlier police take reports of armed robbery seriously.

512305 No one else was seriously hurt in the incident, officials said.

As a result, his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented.”

“The conditions right now in southeast Croatia are seriously worrying.

Most of today’s wine enthusiasts just don’t take sweet wines seriously.

Four victims were seriously wounded, according to emergency responders.

We have served in the region, and we take those remarks very seriously.

And, thankfully, his was a voice that didn’t take itself too seriously.

Legault also alleges officials failed to take her complaints seriously.

56527 And this time, sadly, we have no option but to take him seriously.

Its a false religion, so I totally get it what they are doing seriously?

Meanwhile, Apple’s last big growth market – China – is seriously slowing.

Of the 90 onboard, one was seriously injured; 21 suffered minor injuries.

Police say a second man was also injured at the scene, but not seriously.

Three others have been seriously injured, a spokesman for the force said.

You seriously have to check out this great video, which is embedded below.

I am telling you seriously I have all the options of forming a coalition.”

And we need to demand that the federal parties take health care seriously.

In Reda’s own words, some EU lawmakers didn’t take her seriously at first.

And I would seriously look at alternatives to leather because it’s doable.

But this being my third lost baby I worried something was seriously wrong.

More than half these commenters are what’s seriously wrong with this world.

“At Shoreham we have always taken those safety arrangements very seriously.

What It Tastes Like: The Taylor Roll is seriously spicy, cheesy, and greasy.

Hutson testified that she had been a caregiver for her seriously ill mother.

One man was seriously injured and two sustained minor injuries, police said.

In a statement, the company said it takes consumer privacy “very seriously.”

“I wanted to be taken seriously as an artist,” he said when I asked him why.

The student was not seriously injured, though he sustained a cut on his lip.

For that reason, he said they have to treat every possible threat seriously.

seriously, @JanelleMonae and @Wondaland are absolutely killing this SF show.

One of the teens was seriously injured, according to the prosecutor’s office.

631288 So Hoshiyar Ali had nobody who would have seriously tried to stop him.

If you take it too seriously, then it’s almost like you need to give it life.

Here’s a sample: Matthew tweets: “I’m seriously looking forward to this now!”

Both victims are expected to survive, though the woman was seriously injured.

seriously, watching cable is just easier, Mashable’s Christina Warren tweeted.

If only Oculus existed, it would mean that others aren’t taking VR seriously.”

That would have to be seriously looked at, as to how to bring it into effect.”

963322 You should 😉 @Lips I take women seriously IN REAL LIFE, not in comics.

There are good statutory reasons why iiNet will take the code very seriously.”

“Families of crash victims who are killed or seriously injured deserve justice.

Who knows how many governments will turn them into law and take them seriously?

She said funding cutbacks are proof that the issue isn’t being taken seriously.

He feels alright and all that, but we have to take the process very seriously.”

“Iran seriously believes that the Syrian nation should decide about their fate.

By 2008, more than 21 percent of these subprime loans were seriously delinquent.

403867 It’s about SXSW not taking the harassment of women seriously,”” Wu said.”

He said they will stop people from going in if the park’s seriously overcrowded.

The company also notes: “We take notifying you of the current pricing seriously.

It is more seriously damaged than after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January.

It is reassuring to see how seriously France has taken on these responsibilities.

It is an ongoing process that the league and our team are taking very seriously.”

Furthermore, Israel’s status as a democratic state would be seriously questioned.

We have to take these competitors very seriously, said BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer.

O’Malley has been “seriously considering” running for president since early 2014.

seriously, if I get no sleep the night before, my whole day and body goes to sh**.

“The vice-president was very apologetic and taking it very seriously,” said Grant.

He said four people were seriously hurt and another five sustained lighter wounds.

514557 Not censoring one side of yourself in order to taken seriously in the other.

seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart,” wrote Alice Gomstyn on Facebook.

And secondly, have not taken the issue of consultation and accommodation seriously.

David Babayan thinks that NATO should seriously consider such statements of Turkey.

No seriously, I do think he is really kind, and it sounds like his Dad was wicked.”

Alan is so seriously injured that he will have to have his leg amputated on Monday.

Fox Business 5:38 Trump, Carson still not taken seriously despite success in polls?

“The zika virus has to be taken seriously as it poses a serious threat to newborns.

They said it’s fortunate with such reckless driving that no one was seriously hurt.

Misha more than made up for her sob story – seriously, ‘X Factor producers, enough!

“At this point we’re taking it seriously as we would any other call of this nature.

Tracey takes the matter before the commission “very, very seriously,” Buchanan said.

The Israeli government refused to seriously examine Gen. Allen’s detailed blueprint.

Harden is taking defense seriously and hoping to add it to his offensive reputation.

In addition, 15 people were injured, “about nine” seriously, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.