societal in a sentence

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Socialization equips the individual to handle societal roles.

The continuity of our society requires that children come to embrace societal values as their own.

Because humans create religion in their own image, it is inevitable that religion leans toward personal and societal endorsement, rather than personal and societal judgment.

“I think we have an obligation and a societal responsibility to do so.

Eating has a social component and with that comes societal influences.

“There may be societal pressures, marketing pressures to overprescribe.”

It’s a kind of subversion, an attempt to break down our societal framework.

749461 The more we smile at one another, the smaller our societal gaps become.

Houellebecq develops a political and societal future vision of his home country.

These are people who want to elevate Islam to the status of a binding societal order.

“Some of these priorities are going to have to be made at a societal level,” she says.

762788 The outward looking challenges touch on societal needs, and there are many of them.

Watch the HuffPost Live clip above to hear more about the societal perception of black women.

I am curiously delighted, therefore, that history has taken a stand against this societal scourge.

Students realized that merely shaking up top figureheads wouldn’t result in wider societal change.”

798037 These two tech firms may bring about the biggest societal changes since big oil, Norman adds.

NSF projects, in the aggregate , should contribute more broadly to achieving societal goals.

In a later publication and response Goldstein agreed to differ on the use of the word “serf” to prevent a terminological discussion distracting from the examination of societal conditions.