stereotype in a sentence

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Let’s break stereotypes! The media often reinforces stereotypes regarding minorities.

There are 1,792 steps leading to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

stereotype Contrary to the stereotype, not all homosexual men have effeminate voices.

The stereotype of a Canadian is a person who cuts down trees, and plays hockey.

There is a silly stereotype of a gay as a man with a limp wrist, and a slight lisp.

The traditional stereotype of a gay man is someone with an effeminate voice and manner.

Contrary to the traditional stereotype, not all gay men speak with an effeminate voice.

My son conforms perfectly to the stereotype of an American kid who loves to play football.

stereotypes are formed when people make generalizations about people they don’t really know.

Joseph Collins once said that by starving emotions, we become humorless, rigid and stereotyped.

You only have to make a few foreign friends to understand how harmful national stereotypes are.

The likelihood of the occurrence of prejudice and discriminatory behavior is increased by stereotypes.

People often stereotype other cultures or races simply because they do not know the people personally.

Discussion question: What stereotype do you think other people have of your country’s people and culture? stick Repeated exposure to individuals in a stereotyped group has been show to result in a reduction in prejudice.

Repeated exposure to individuals in a stereotyped group has been shown to result in a reduction in prejudice.

Television often reinforces a stereotype of black men as being involved in gangs, and other criminal activity.

The stereotypes of different ethnic groups as portrayed in the media can often promote racism and discrimination in society.

Naomi Wolf once stated that Western women have been controlled by ideals and stereotypes as much as by material constraints.

Until you really get to know someone from another culture, it is common to believe stereotypes of the people from the country.

Naomi Wolf once suggested that Western women have been controlled by ideals and stereotypes as much as by material constraints.

It is important to remember that there is no stereotype of “the good language learner,” and instead, there are many different learning styles.

Indeed, their actions help perpetuate those stereotypes and mistrust.

The very physical nature of a man continues to reinforce stereotypes.

He regards the show’s characters not as stereotypes, but as archetypes.

He said it is time to dispel stereotypes and take steps towards the truth.

Not shy of stereotypes, they’ve gone for naked people steaming in a sauna.

Black culture fills the hole that Asian stereotypes have ripped wide open.

It believes prejudice is often caused by stereotypes and misunderstanding.

He was not a stereotype,” Belinda Moore, the victim’s aunt, told NBC Chicago.

By the end of the decade, a new female stereotype had emerged: the superwoman.

I was appalled when I learned of these stereotypes, but could I really be angry?

Someone who has different perspectives, different biases, different stereotypes.

929574 When I founded the group, the goal was to smash stereotypes,”” she says.”

And women, contrary to stereotype, can be just as interested in one-night stands.

The women who make a difference are those who refuse to be defined by stereotypes.

stereotypes abounded that the sport was too rough, too masculine for girls to play.

People around the world work less hard then Greeks, but we are stereotyped as lazy.

Now it’s going to be a center of propaganda, disdain, and stereotypes,” Raskin said.

The story aspires to teach self-acceptance and to discourage labels and stereotypes.

In summary, the Wellesley stereotype of wealthy is true to an extent, but not overt.

The actors claimed the movie was “disrespectful” and reinforced negative stereotypes.

We are constantly trying to overturn the stereotype of aggressive dangerous pit bulls.

958136 You can’t stereotype an entire ethnicity, and that’s what he attempted to do.”””

stereotypes broken: all Muslims are devout, all Muslims are Arab, Muslim women are docile.

It tells me we have more work to do to reach out and to break down the stereotype, he said.

Not everyone’s a fan of how the 1932 comic splashes aboriginal stereotypes across its pages.

The actress also took the opportunity to dismiss any gender stereotypes about the franchise.

Sometimes I just play into the stereotype of what I look like and have a little fun with it.

Rancic apologized, saying the experience taught her not to perpetuate cliches and stereotypes.

The government in Havana, too, appears to have difficulties letting old negative stereotypes go.

Superwoman complex By the end of the decade, a new female stereotype had emerged: the superwoman.

And yet it is not easy, because the propensity to stereotype is ingrained in our human character.

I want to scream about the crazy ass stereotypes but I’m afraid I’m judging my own people too hard.

Let’s take a look at some couples who buck the stereotype, starting with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

So when people came and said, “Oh my God, it’s a bunch of stereotypes,” I went, “Oh my God, really?

To some, I represent whatever stereotype or fear or anxiety that precedes their interaction with me.

37523 Alta’s ban is irrational and based on stereotypes of snowboarders, the boarders’ attorneys say.

12 Latino-Inspired Costumes That Won’t Get You Booed Offensive stereotypes don’t look good on anyone.

Detlor said she hopes people who attended the show saw past the stereotype of those who have body ink.

But new research contradicts these age-old stereotypes.