strengthen in a sentence

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Passions weaken, but habits strengthen, with age.

Western nations have to put their heads together to strengthen the dollar.

Seneca once suggested that difficulties strengthen the mind, as does labor the body.

The police are taking action to strengthen internal security after the attempted attack on the President.

Ned Rorem once suggested that quarrels in France strengthen a love affair, whereas in America they end it.

Recent scientific studies have identified natural extracts which can help strengthen the body’s immune system.

By doing regular exercises, you can strengthen the muscles in your back so that you don’t get backaches anymore.

The frontroller thrust angle is degrees, probably there were plans to strengthen that angle a little when racing.

Sony has recently entered into a partnership with Warner Brothers to strengthen their hold on the entertainment industry.

Opposition leaders say the attacks against their supporters will only strengthen their resolve to overthrow the military dictatorship.

Japanese pharmaceutical companies Sankyo and Daiichi are turning to consolidation in an attempt to strengthen their international position.

Aaron Ben-Ze’Ev once suggested that both gossip and joking are intrinsically valuable activities.

Both are essentially social activities that strengthen interpersonal bonds.

It’s a way to strengthen the depression-fighting power of central banks.

The ego does this to strengthen its ultimately fictitious sense of self.

Other elections, usually midterms, can strengthen the president’s opponents.

If such an airport could be built in Greece, it would strengthen the economy.

Even popular bipartisan measures to strengthen background checks have failed.”

She continued, “We have taken steps to strengthen the security of our systeMs.
We also conclude RHAs need to strengthen enforcement of policies and procedures.

Zusman’s appointment will strengthen Doxee’s strategy, marketing and operations.

The dollar has continued to strengthen, pressuring GM’s competitiveness overseas.

The Gills boss is still looking to strengthen his squad for the new League 1 season.

The Cavaliers will try to strengthen their grip on the series in game two on Friday.

Should this system strengthen to a tropical storm, it would be given the name Erika.

331543 If you don’t, you must strengthen your partnership with your technology staff.

Erdogan wants to strengthen ties with the EU and now he can feel more at ease at home.

Our partnership can help strengthen both organizations as the media landscape changes.”

Trudeau said his government will invest in the economy, and strengthen the middle class.

But the company is looking to break out of that pattern and strengthen customer loyalty.

Akaram said he fears further attacks unless Western governments strengthen their resolve.

Mrs Morgan also announced a series of measures to strengthen systems within the department.

This will help strengthen the franchise, certainly, today, and hopefully in years to come.”

It said in a statement the closures were part of a move to strengthen the Tim Hortons brand.

“We have taken steps to strengthen the security of our systems,” Sheppard said in the e-mail.

Holland said it is also possible to strengthen the core muscles without any equipment at all.

398240 It is not just its position within enterprise IT that Lenovo would like to strengthen.

Rather, Boehner reiterated that he decided to step down in order to strengthen the institution.

The formations, which the researchers call “deep interdental folds,” strengthen the serrations.

Hagel urged the military leaders to “strengthen your cultures” and “assess gaps and close them.”

Pembina wants Notley to strengthen environmental regulations, a move it says could help industry.

The party is campaigning on promises to strengthen Turkey’s economy, raise wages and end poverty.

Alex Kohut, a vintage items dealer, said the market helps strengthen bonds in the maker community.

Joaquin, already considered a major hurricane, is expected to strengthen over the next day or two.

She wants to initiate a process of change in South Korea’s economic structures and strengthen SMEs.

Two, Khamenei’s tough line is meant to strengthen the hands of Iran’s diplomats in the negotiations.

216530 Every state should strengthen their laws,”” Jindal said Sunday on CBS’s “”Face the Nation.”””

Carsten Koall/ DER SPIEGEL Mehdi Chahrour: “I am afraid that Paris could strengthen the extremists.”

Additional information on APEC cooperation to strengthen counter-terrorism can be found at this link.

The U.S. and UK leaders said they also intended to help Ukraine strengthen its economy and democracy.

All of these responses will strengthen growth in aggregate demand .