superstar in a sentence

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Beckman’s performance this season has truly elevated him to the status of a superstar in his sport.

Reggae singer Bob Marley rose from humble beginnings to become an international superstar.

All the media hype concerning the young hockey superstar seems to have only encouraged him to do better.

The superstar football player had to have therapy for his knee injury for about a month before he was able to return to the game.

Golf needs superstars to make it more interesting to a mass audience.

303591 Homelife superstars Real Estate failed to answer any questions.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James led the East with 30 points.

At Jordan’s alma mater, North Carolina, both teams sport the superstar’s line.

Apparently Marilyn’s dad was the original “Antichrist superstar” of the family.

The Rising Inequality in Society: Twenty-first century is the age of superstars.

He believes to this day that the Brickyard win propelled him into superstar status.

“More than that, he’s a world superstar over and above his limited playing ability.

798047 These type of players, the great superstar players, rarely become available.”

Lionel Messi Signs With Funtastic Funtastic and Football superstar set to kick goals.

He decided not to ride the Rocky road to superstardom because he prefers a quiet life.

That album, which has sold 43 million copies, launched Meat Loaf to music superstardom.

255447 Group E looks set to be a thriller, while Group F sees underdogs face superstars.

Ford reflected on the impact of the film and the role that catapulted him to superstardom.

Moncton fans are hoping this will be their chance to see soccer superstar Marta in action.

Her book superstar Me: Adanna and the Dog Star, has been inspired by all of these elements.

Ronson said it was “an amazing milestone to be in this club with all these massive superstars”.

In music business lore, a great guitar tech is like a superstar mechanic for a race car driver.

The superstar songstress invited Trevor Holloway on stage and asked the young man where he was from.