supplement in a sentence

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He supplemented his lecture with a booklet.

Farmers often moonlight to supplement their incomes.

Find someone who has taken a vitamin supplement.

supply Suzica had to take an iron supplement during her pregnancy.

You don’t need to take supplementary vitamins if you eat properly.

There is a special financial supplement to the newspaper every Friday.

The importance of calcium supplementation to bone health is well known.

You should supplement your diet with vitamin B12 if you are a vegetarian.

You can get supplemental insurance coverage for an additional $5 a month.

Tracy supplements her income with a part-time job at a fast food restaurant.

supplementary information includes adverbs and things that function as adverbs.

Some corporate sponsorships are necessary to supplement public funding for the festival.

The koala is one of the few land animals that does not need water to supplement its food.

Handicapped residents of the housing complex receive a supplement to help with rent costs.

She doesn’t eat many vegetables, so she has been supplementing her diet with vitamin pills.

An effective dosage for supplemental calcium is 800 to 1,200 milligrams per day for most women.

This dietary supplement includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for an average adult.

Young children have small stomachs, and high energy needs, so they need frequent snacks to supplement meals.

Kathy Mohnke once said that marriage is like vitamins, we supplement each other’s minimum daily requirements.

Chinese leader Jiang Zemin was responsible for supervising Hong Kong’s return to Chinese control in 1997.

supplement I also wanted to enjoy the break, but thanks to preparation and supplementary lessons for a certain sixman team, I got none! Immunization and vitamin A supplementation have been credited with saving the lives of millions of children each year.

Some people believe it is necessary to include vitamin supplements in your diet in order to get all the nutrients your body needs.

Lloyd Provost once said that creative thinking should be viewed as an essential supplement to, though not a replacement for, critical thinking.

In 1835, the slaves working on the island of Mauritius were freed, and the labor force was supplemented by workers brought in from China and India.

As a language learner, you may sometimes need to supplement the work done in the classroom with material you have gathered which is relevant to your specific language goals.

Multinational corporations must be challenged to pay their adult workers in developing countries a liveable wage so that children do not have to work to supplement their parents’ income.

336485 I have studied nutrient supplements, and published the results.

Groceries are given to people who need to supplement their food supply.

Zinc that is found in foods are easier to absorb than zinc supplements.

The supplement is expected to be distributed to holders beginning today.

344098 I’m not pain free, but the supplements provide noticeable relief.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine has more about dietary supplements.

Ingesting such a high volume of calories and supplements can be a challenge.

supplementing Thursday’s broadcast are several ancillary fundraising efforts.

“I now don’t take tons of vitamins and supplements-I only take the Super Elixir.

Despite this, most Westerners don’t get enough calcium from food or supplements.

Kevin Baronowsky of Hard Eight Nutrition, which does business as Bulksupplements.

A woman said she also saw Odom take 10 herbal supplement tablets over three days.

Grier said he took an over-the-counter supplement, but did not specify which one.

supplemental feeding of livestock was started early due to poor grazing conditions.

Seal products include fur for clothing, and oil that is used in vitamin supplements.

Plus, your body absorbs magnesium from food differently than it does from supplements.

Still, I like a supplement called N-acetylcysteine even better than straight glutathione.

This column could be another about nutrient supplements, and probably interesting as such.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, has proclaimed himself to be a believer in the supplements.

Eisenloffel described the enhancers as supplements and said Odom bought them at the brothel.

A supplemental diversity policy looks beyond grades to a range of attributes including race.

All of the supplement choices have been selected with a fitness professionals eye to detail.

Without supplementary air, climbers battle fatigue and confusion which can lead to accidents.

Stay away from sketchy supplements, and talk to your doctor before experimenting on yourself.

supplemental insurance, known as a Medigap policy, can help pay costs Medicare doesn’t cover.

“The food pipeline right now provides supplemental support to families that are food insecure.

Like White, six CSU campus presidents have their salaries supplemented by private foundations.

Livestock were in fair to good condition, but some producers began providing supplemental feed.

Without supplementary oxygen, climbers battle fatigue and confusion which can lead to accidents.

Right now, such networks merely supplement phrase- or statistics-based translation, Hughes said.

Meathrell decided to ditch her supplements and now gets her vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Your backpack is a tardis of tuppaware full of protein supplements and various smelly vegetables.

“Antioxidant supplements should not be used to replace a nutritionally adequate diet,” she added.

Farris stressed the importance of getting vitamins from foods we eat rather than just supplements.

Foremost is Joel’s Law, which unanimously passed the House minutes before the supplemental budget.

The commission said it hopes to raise $20 million to $25 million to supplement congressional funds.

Dietary supplements marketed for weight loss and energy, however, do not have to carry such a label.

supplements typically contain much higher levels of antioxidants than natural foods, Dadachova said.

Overall, about 48 percent of the stores recommended a weight loss supplement to the 15-year-old girl.

The parties’ national efforts will be supplemented by state political parties and like-minded groups.

Six beers on draft will be supplemented by fridges bearing five dozen bottles and cans at the outset.

A can of coffee and a bean pastry on your way out are a good supplement to an already satisfying meal.

Dietary supplements aren’t always what they say they are, nor do they always do what they say they do.

Riders Present supplements, Riders and Addenda shall remain in effect.

Provisions in supplements, Riders and Addenda that are superior shall prevail.

Better conditions contained in supplements, Riders or Addenda will be maintained by present employees.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any superior provisions in supplements, Riders or Addenda shall prevail.

Unless specifically covered in individual supplements, Riders or Addenda , the following shall apply: 1.

A supplement contains: An Addenda On The Erroneous Doctrines Of The Baptist Church.

These supplements are readily available and affordable .

We supplementary have afoul examples of this medicine.

They settled to an agrarian life, supplemented by cattle grazing.

Betulin is used in cosmetics pharmaceuticals perfumes agrochemical products and food supplements .

Betulin is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, agrochemical products and food supplements.