tarnish in a sentence

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And now the brand’s most public face has been tarnished by criminal charges.

The reputation of CONMEBOL has been just as badly tarnished as that of FIFA.

It also tarnished Penn State’s celebrated reputation in collegiate athletics.

President, as a journalist my son never strived to tarnish Egypt’s image.

But it is unlikely to tarnish Germany’s stellar image in the world – unless one thing happens.

282794 He said it had been “orchestrated… by governing bodies that I know well” to tarnish him.

I felt like such a dunce back then, but it was well worth the tarnished image.

Ponta’s critics say his refusal to resign has tarnished Romania’s image abroad.

Ali also sought to prevent his faith from being tarnished by the actions of terrorists.

Nevertheless he acknowledged the swift eviction of the farmers tarnished the company’s public image.

The Beetle taxis were repainted in white and green in an attempt to refurbish their tarnished image.