tattooed in a sentence

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My neighbor is a real freak, a vegetarian with long hair, hippie clothes and peace symbols tattooed on both his arMs. Someone once muttered that auto racing fans fall into two categories: tattooed, shirtless, sewer-mouthed drunks, and their husbands.

‘Newfoundland has probably been the most tattooed province for forever and a day.’

@tattooed Angel I clicked on it because I thought there might be a real story here.

“I got tattooed ‘LOB’ ‘Legion of Boom,’ that’s what they mean to me,” Browner said.

Gheorghita, a hulking, tattooed 35-year-old from Romania, was one of the uninitiated.

In a second barber’s chair, there was a third large tattooed man, apparently just hanging out.

More than 70 years have passed since David Shentow was tattooed as prisoner 72585 at Auschwitz.

That’s how he was able to tell the reporter later that he had honestly “tattooed the man’s neck.”

According to the autopsy report, he had biblical verses, an angel and a cross tattooed on his body.