the accused in a sentence

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the accused, accordingly, is absolved from liability.

The court absolved the accused for the loss of the vessel.

Many of the accused had absconded and were tried in absentia.

the accused proved to be guilty.

the accused was found not guilty.

the accused was sentenced to death.

the accused maintained his innocence.

the accused was absolved from the crime.

the accused tried to justify his actions.

the accused made up a false story in the court.

the accused was acquitted on two of the charges.

the accused was condemned to ten years in prison.

the accused is to appear before the court on Friday.

the accused murderer is believed to be mentally ill.

Do you think the accused is really guilty of the crime?

The jury were asked to allow for the age of the accused.

The presiding judge was touched by pity for the accused.

the accused spoke equivocally and didn’t want to talk turkey.

The case against the accused is weak, so he’ll probably get off.

A specimen of the accused killer’s blood was taken for analysis.

the accused made his appearance before the judge on Friday morning.

The jury was unanimous on the first vote, the accused was innocent.

the accused confessed to police that he murdered his business partner.

The lawyer asked the judge to make allowance for the age of the accused.

the accused gave a written statement to the police confessing to the crime.

The judge showed lenience with the accused because it was his first offence.

the accused surprised his lawyers by entering a plea of guilty on all charges.

The lawyer representing the accused has asked for a postponement of the trial.

the accused pleaded his innocence despite the overwhelming evidence against him.

There is obviously not a single fragment of truth in the accused murderer’s story.

The bloody knife found in the closet of the accused was obviously the murder weapon.

The jury found the accused innocent after reflecting on the testimony of the witnesses.

A Hebrew proverb observes that the court is most merciful when the accused is most rich.

the accused murderer continued to protest his innocence right up to the day that he was executed.

Trials in that country are a mockery of justice, the accused cannot even testify on his own behalf.

The judge took the accused‘s obviously sincere regret for his actions into account during sentencing.

The family of the accused are cooperating with police in order to solve the crime as quickly as possible.

the accused has been sentenced to three consecutive life terms for the murder of a family in Utah in 1983.

The complainant in the case alleges that the accused entered her apartment, and tried to steal her computer.

the accused murderer listened passively to the testimony of the witness as she described the attack on her friend.

The judge made no bones about his disgust with the accused‘s actions and handed down the severest sentence possible.

Lawyers are interviewing prospective members of the jury to determine if anyone may have a possible bias against the accused.

Discussion question: Do you think the accused person’s personal background should be considered when he is being sentenced for a crime? During the trial, the old woman testified that on the night of the murder, she heard the accused threatening to kill the victim.

Sweden has said it will not extradite the accused unless there is a guarantee that he will not face the death penalty in his home country.

In his defense of his client, the lawyer tried to convince the jury that the accused was terrorized by her husband into participating in the crime.

the accused murderer was found not guilty because the judge said that he was mentally ill, and therefore couldn’t be held responsible for his actions.

the accused Gulf carriers have repeatedly rejected such allegations.

the accused was chased and held by persons who witnessed the incident.

436682 Jasquith said she plans to be in court when the accused appear.

the accused was arrested under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

It is alleged that he told the accused that he was seeking an obeah man.

the accused is not performing “any TTC duties at this time,” the TTC says.

Five of the accused will go before the courts to face a total of 18 charges.

the accused‘s three-member defence team is then expected to present its case.

“We have an airport that we would not want the accused to get to,” Nel said.

None of the accused have been charged in connection with Tina’s disappearance.

There is a publication ban on the identity of the accused and alleged victiMs. The RNC said the accused was held over for a court appearance on Sunday morning.

A man claiming to be Roof’s uncle told Reuters that the accused seemed “adrift.”

Police said the accused were unsuccessful in taking anything from the drug store.

Also discovered was a napkin with residue, identified by the accused as Percocet.

the accused was on three separate court orders and as a result was held overnight.

Senior RM Judith Pusey asked the accused: “Why shouldn’t you go to jail for this?”

I wanted to kill them, and I wanted to kill them quick, the accused murderer said.

Subsequently, the accused woman was granted bail in the sum of $50,000 with surety.

The Crown alleges that the accused man was employed to a security firm as a driver.

54831 And then I pulled the trigger,” the accused told the court, according to CBC.

No one was injured in the incident and the accused will appear in court on Tuesday.

Murray and LeBlanc didn’t know it was the accused they saw at the wharf that night.

Breath samples indicated that the accused was at almost three times the legal limit.

The jury is expected to hear a recorded confession from the accused later this week.

However, text messages were observed from the accused regarding touching the victim.

The army said the trials were fair and that the accused can appeal their convictions.

the accused officers, all men age 31 to 48, were working in plainclothes at the time.

the accused woman was reportedly found with ganja strapped to her body when searched.

On the objective facts, the accused cannot escape the conviction of murder, Nel said.

Tommy Gilbert, the accused, shuttled between his Manhattan pad and the posh Hamptons.

Clarifications A previous version of the story listed the accused‘s last name as Denny.

If reporters cannot provide evidence, why should the accused respond to their gueswork?

The prosecution has said it would seek an adult sentence if the accused is found guilty.

The victim sent the accused an internet-obtained nude photo, and not an image of herself.

“Friends and acquaintances of the accused appear as witnesses and have a similar attitude.

the accused, whose last known address was in Red Deer, Alta., has been remanded in custody.

Subsequently, the magistrate ordered that the accused be further remanded until February 24.

the accused are expected to appear in provincial court in Harbour Grace on Tuesday afternoon.

You cannot prejudice the circumstances by naming one ‘the victim,’ and the other ‘the accused.’

Protesters held signs demanding an end to rape culture and more severe action against the accused.

857886 Though the accused appeared via closed circuit television, he was able to see the courtroom.

Police said the incidents include: the accused is expected to appear in provincial court on Monday.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey told the accused that was not the way to treat the elderly.

Throughout the hearings and the recesses, the accused chitchat with their counsel and to each other.