the next day in a sentence

Our trip to Europe was a complete nightmare! The airline lost all our luggage, our money was stolen the day we arrived, and my husband fell and broke his leg outside our hotel the next day.

the next day, six asylum-seekers from Iraq were to be settled there.

the next day a typhoon hit, battering Borely in his small life raft.

Zhang said he found out early the next day after turning on the news.

the next day, she received a Facebook message from the man she saved.

He phoned Bruce the next day to thank the friends for saving his life.

Tons of media outlets were publishing recaps of the show the next day.

Then we’ll do it all again the next day, and I know it will get easier.

And they see them again the next day, and they can talk about it later.

One day he clears the culvert and by the next day it’s plugged up again.

the next day, he developed formulas that would create similar crevasses.

However, the next day, Pipite signed a pardon for himself and the others.

Karen left, with a promise to return the next day with her spare bicycle.

The two got married under Islamic law and the next day he left for Syria.

You have to because you have to play the next day,” Walker told reporters.

the next day, Coulibaly wounded a city employee and killed a police officer.

the next day, Wade said his children took away his phones and his TV rights.

It’s gone the next day, so we don’t know if it’s been stolen,” said Marquez.

“My mother rang me in an ecstatic phone call the next day,” says Pitt-Lewis.

Jordan executed Rishawi, who had been on death row since 2006, the next day.

Her body was found the next day by a boy following rabbit tracks in the snow.

Abatie called 911. The boy was hospitalized and pronounced dead the next day.

The commander is in good health and in good spirits, Betto said the next day.

the next day we were in the Serb capital, Belgrade, where it was raining hard.

the next day, he’ll promote free trade at Nike headquarters outside Beaverton.

Jack didn’t come get me for work the next day, so I started drinking with Mike.

the next day, he made his first campaign promise: a referendum on the PST hike.

And here’s the bonus: they might actually taste better microwaved the next day.

They announced the next day that he had died and a family member was in custody.

He added that if “no” wins, he will be in Brussels the next day and sign a deal.

the next day he is removed from life support equipment as his health stabilizes.

the next day they were due to go up-river to Ayutthaya, the ancient Thai capital.

the next day, hundreds of Corsicans demonstrated peacefully against the violence.

“Somebody raised it, and he just laughed: the contacts were back in the next day.”

He would die from his wounds the next day in a hospital tent just behind the lines.

Each evening, make sure everything you need for the next day’s lunch is ready to go.

When we returned the next day for our belongings, they were gone, said Laura Miranda.