tucked in a sentence

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He tucked the napkin under his chin.

He tucked the handkerchief in his pocket.

The children were all cozily tucked in their beds by 9:00.

The children were tucked comfortably in bed, and were waiting for Santa Claus to visit during the night.

Blackwell was found with crack cocaine tucked in the brim of his hat.

Cardinal Pell later said he had discovered millions of euros “tucked away”.

Will that affect people who have already tucked away the higher amount in 2015?

But who — whether four-legged or two — can sleep well without being tucked in?

The squat white building was slightly tucked out of view from the main corridor.

399752 It is tucked away amid the natural beauty of the northern Willamette Valley.

After we finished talking, he carefully tucked the worn photo back into his wallet.

tucked way back, deep in the woods you’ll find SIU’s most unusual research project.

It was an early “safe place,” I think, tucked away between rows of slacks and jeans.

On three plays he also tucked the ball away, put his head down and rushed for 54 yards.

And tucked inside those chapters are approachable and creative takes on classic treats.

tucked inside people’s homes like dirty secrets, they were restricted to just 12 chairs.

You can see she’s confident, Lewis said, “She’s firing at pins that are tucked and hidden.

They can hold on using one hand tucked under the rope – or rigging – tied around the horse.

The charging point in Leominster was a medium 7kw charger, tucked away at the back of a car park.

She was face down, her head tucked between her outstretched arms, among dead and dying classmates.

This 4,466-square-foot, five-bedroom home is tucked into 3.5 wooded acres on the shore of South Lake.

tucked in another part of the plant, a complete cockpit is connected to a room filled with computers.

They insulted us, called us infidels,” said Eleftos, 48, her greying hair tucked behind a white scarf.