unequivocally in a sentence

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Unless the Coalition unequivocally rejects and abjectly apologizes for this disgraceful policy and sacks its Coalition proponents, decent anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish Australians, impelled by “Never again to anyone” and defence of their colleagues and families, will call on all existing and prospective Australian voters to put
I unequivocally and unconditionally support the right to free speech.

CMP and (organization head David) Daleiden’s claims to the contrary are unequivocally false.”

Out of an abundance of caution and care, you know, we wanted to send that message unequivocally.

“Let me state unequivocally that I have no intention for running for US Senate in Massachusetts.”

None of them have unequivocally said they support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

The judge answered this question unequivocally in the affirmative sense.

Further constitutional reform was unequivocally on the agenda .