unilateral in a sentence

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Rebel forces have declared a unilateral ceasefire nationwide.

President Bush has warned that if the resolution to use force against Iraq is vetoed by the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. will take unilateral action against Saddam Hussein.

The issue is not resolved by a unilateral declaration of retrocession.

M. Skaugen) had canceled the negotiations unilaterally,” Mueller said.

They promise to unilaterally declare independence if they obtain a majority.

The move follows a unilateral ceasefire declared by guerrillas three months ago.

At best, sanctions would be porous, or limited to unilateral sanctions by the US.

We urge the immediate cessation of all unilateral and offensive military actions.

We will never forgive them for unilaterally using the UN resolution to take over Libya.

Feltman said Israel needed to stop “sensitive and unilateral” activities such as settlements.

Following that attack, FARC immediately suspended a unilateral ceasefire declared in December.

Abe called on the G7 leaders not to ignore these unilateral attempts to change the status quo.

Given that, he adds, Sanders’ unilateral disarmament against Clinton is a questionable strategy.

“A few officials arbitrarily determine which websites are harmful and unilaterally shut them off.

The offensive was in direct violation of the unilateral ceasefire they committed to last December.

However, Abbas said he would not accept this sum since Israel had made its deductions unilaterally.

Attacks on infrastructure have increased since the Farc suspended its unilateral ceasefire on 22 May.

Opposition parties claim supermarket chains are ill-advised , unilateral and unwelcome.

Not so long ago Mr Kinnock was strongly committed to unilateral disarmament.

Budapest, however, opposed a unilateral transfer.

But it would be wrong to unilaterally cancel the sanctions.

But Russia said unilateral action would be a blatant violation of international law.

By asking him to act unilaterally potentially puts Obama in a difficult spot.

City attorney Marc Levinson argued that the city has already unilaterally reduced health benefits to retirees.

Dijsselbloem warned: “Taking unilateral steps or ignoring previous arrangements is not the way forward.”

Does that mean a unilateral Israeli military strike, potentially, is off the table over the next four months?

East Jerusalem, the birthplace of these men, was unilaterally annexed by Israel shortly after the 1967 occupation.

Egypt is no match for Israel so they need to do it unilaterally.

Example: Norway Scientific: A nation issues unilateral “scientific permits”; any IWC member can do this.

Facebook requested an official ID from her and then “unilaterally changed her username into her real name.”

For subjects with unilateral knee pain, only the symptomatic (target) knee will be treated.

He also said it conduct unilateral hit-and-run raids into Syria.

He reiterated that it makes more sense to work with those countries, instead of engaging them “unilaterally.”

I believe that unilateral steps by Palestinians at the United Nations will not advance peace, he said.

I don’t think the president can unilaterally bargain away congressional sanctions without Congress involved, he said.

In recent months, China has undertaken destabilizing, unilateral actions asserting its claims in the South China Sea.

In the wake of the elections, President Obama announced he would unilaterally reform immigration policies.

Israel ended a previous major military operation in Gaza more than five years ago with a unilateral pullback.

Israel has accepted a unilateral cease-fire.

Israel’s Cabinet had unilaterally decided to extend the truce for 24 hours, until midnight (2100 GMT) Sunday.