unilaterally in a sentence

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I think everyone needs to play a role in balancing the market, not OPEC unilaterally, he said.”

Moreover, we cannot unilaterally disarm our intelligence agencies.

And he has spent the last few years resisting calls to use executive power to act unilaterally to stop deportations.

But it would be wrong to unilaterally cancel the sanctions.

By asking him to act unilaterally potentially puts Obama in a difficult spot.

City attorney Marc Levinson argued that the city has already unilaterally reduced health benefits to retirees.

East Jerusalem, the birthplace of these men, was unilaterally annexed by Israel shortly after the 1967 occupation.

Egypt is no match for Israel so they need to do it unilaterally.

Facebook requested an official ID from her and then “unilaterally changed her username into her real name.”

He reiterated that it makes more sense to work with those countries, instead of engaging them “unilaterally.”

I don’t think the president can unilaterally bargain away congressional sanctions without Congress involved, he said.

In the wake of the elections, President Obama announced he would unilaterally reform immigration policies.

Israel’s Cabinet had unilaterally decided to extend the truce for 24 hours, until midnight (2100 GMT) Sunday.

It has never been our intention to act unilaterally on Greek debt, he said in a statement to Bloomberg News.

It is not within a PS’ (permanent secretary) remit, as I understand from the law, to take that action unilaterally.

Mr Tsipras said in a statement issued to Bloomberg news agency that he had never intended to act unilaterally.

Opposition Republicans have warned the president against unilaterally closing the prison.

Palestinians say negotiations have failed and they have no choice but to pursue independence unilaterally.

Palestinians see little choice but to push unilaterally for statehood.

They are acting unilaterally (United Nations treaties, incitement and more.) Now is our turn.

Tsipras might be willing to force losses on creditors unilaterally, the editors write.

A few officials arbitrarily determine which websites are harmful and unilaterally shut them off.

However, Abbas said he would not accept this sum since Israel had made its deductions unilaterally.

In 1965, Rhodesia unilaterally declared itself independent under a white-dominated government.

In the same year, Russia unilaterally suspended its flights of strategic aviation in remote regions.

M. Skaugen) had canceled the negotiations unilaterally,” Mueller said.

Only Fred objects to the plan to unilaterally terminate Spike.

Singh-Yagee unilaterally declared the party merged into the Congress.

They promise to unilaterally declare independence if they obtain a majority.

To make matters worse, both states had unilaterally continued to expand their irrigated area without any consensus.

We will never forgive them for unilaterally using the UN resolution to take over Libya.