Academic English Advanced Words


Academic and Advanced Vocabulary Exercises

Group 7 - Exercise 9

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
   ambitiously      assassinated      broadly      comprehension      convey      Democratic      format      lottery      recommended      slipped   
  1. If Apple Computers had planned their strategy a bit more [], they might have been able to capture the share of the market now held by Microsoft.
  2. The little girl started crying when the string of her balloon [] through her fingers, and the balloon floated off into the sky.
  3. What was the winning number in last night's million dollar []?
  4. First, I will [] your hard drive to erase the data, and then I will load Windows onto your computer.
  5. The new leader's social policy initiatives are [] supported within the party.
  6. Zaire, the name of one of the largest countries in Africa, was changed in 1997 to the [] Republic of Congo.
  7. She talks to everyone she can, every chance she gets, so her listening [] has really improved.
  8. The knowledge and skills children require to function effectively in urbanized, industrialized societies are too extensive and too complex for parents to [] single-handedly to their offspring.
  9. Some people believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. was [] by someone other than the man who was convicted of the crime.
  10. My teacher [] I go to the pronunciation clinic to work on my accent.

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