vulnerable sentence

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A good, quality education helps keep children in school and makes them less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Cyclists are more vulnerable than motorists, and should be protected by laws which take their situation into account.

Studies show that planting and replanting the same crops strips fields of nutrients, and makes them more vulnerable to pests.

Marcel Proust once said that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

vulnerable The devastating attacks on the World Trade Center illustrated just how vulnerable even the most powerful countries are to terrorists who are willing to die for their cause.

Portland’s buildings downtown are particularly vulnerable to shaking.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like in those vulnerable communities.”

Even so, it reveals how vulnerable major systems are to tech troubles.

At some point, the sell-off will be vulnerable to a production response.

Nato has pledged a 5,000-strong task force to defend vulnerable members.

They will also be barred from working with children or vulnerable adults.

“We’ve got needs for storing our archives that are very, very vulnerable.

He also worries that the autopilot software could be vulnerable to hackers.

And smoke pollution can cause sore throats and eyes in vulnerable travelers.

This makes them more vulnerable to fraud or high-interest predatory lending.

That makes African-Americans especially vulnerable to a government shutdown.

Obtaining support from agencies for vulnerable witnesses in a timely manner.

“As a state under the rule of law, as a free state, we are always vulnerable.

The current study looked at what factors make people more vulnerable to acne.

In Nova Scotia, they are considered “vulnerable,” one step up from endangered.