a bit late in a sentence

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Good morning.

You’re a bit late today aren’t you?

Yes, I ran into a bit of trouble.

“Of course the second goal came a bit late for Roma fans’ hearts, but what was important was to win.

We will return to this rigidity property of the Rindler observers a bit later in this article.

“Since we got the permission a bit late last year, the kind of active marketing that was required did not happen.

An English company as a rule won’t spend any time or effort with you until you’re an established name, but isn’t that leaving it a bit late?

a bit later, Yelich and Davidson chatted cordially and posed for photos.
a bit later, she made it clear that she had no doubt of her own C-in-C chops.
a bit later, Gusman said, “We’re going to continue these discussions in hopes of reaching a resolution.”
Although she has said the show couldn’t exist today, if it had started a bit later, things might have been different.
a bit later, in the shower, Simon calls out to me, I was a ten in sadness when I was crying, Mommy, but now I am a six.
a bit later on, Clinton claimed that statements by Republicans, and especially Trump, fan the “flames of radicalization.”
a bit later in her set, Zamata received her loudest cheers not for telling a joke but for testifying to the merits of open and sincere dialogue.