album release in a sentence

album release in a sentence

1) This music has inspired several album releases .

2) Both concerts were recorded for album release .

3) The album released a further three singles .

album release example sentences

4) The album’s release date was delayed several times.

5) This is usually linked with an album release date.

6) The following track list is based on the 2010 album release .

7) The tour following the album release was also successful.

8) Other such sessions were held throughout the sixties for album release .

9) Album releases expected in 2009 have been delayed until 2010.

10) Album release has gone well, thanks everyone!

11) The soundtrack album released on 23 June 2014.

12) The full album released on 22 February 2012.

13) The album released 4 singles and was certified Platinum.

14) The album released on Universal was certified gold.

15) The album’s release was pushed back multiple times.


example sentences with album release

16) We just had a Gold album released .

17) The album released prior to the allegations was “Dangerous”.

18) Unfortunately, the album release was once again pushed back.

19) Lohan had also attended the album’s release party.

20) In 2009, nine of his soundtrack albums released .

21) It was the second highest ranking album released by Jones.

22) The dating of the album’s release is uncertain.

23) Learn how her team managed the album release campaign .

24) The album’s release date is scheduled for Spring 2014.

25) The untitled album’s release date was not announced.

26) These were not used for the album’s release .

27) The album’s release date coincided with the release of “”.

28) What is in store until the album release in June?


How to use album release in a sentence

29) There were no new album releases from them during 1969.

30) Subsequently, news of the album’s release was propelled.

31) This was their last album released on Century Media.

32) There have been two soundtrack album releases for the film.

33) The following table shows the main albums released by Weather Report.

34) Stereolab toured regularly to support their album releases .

35) The new album releases in stores the following day.

36) Natalie Gauci next album release is June 2009.

37) The musical began as a rock opera concept album released in 1976.

38) Hall & Oates have almost always toured extensively for each album release .

39) The album’s release was met with high critical praise and hype.

40) A world tour following the album’s release drew millions into stadiums.