allow for in a sentence

allow for in a sentence

1) This allows for completely jump free operation.

2) To allow for normal exchange rate fluctuations.

3) If followed correctly allows for steady weight loss.

allow for example sentences

4) It allows for much more intense battles.

5) The variable input resistor allows for gain calibration.

6) Time allowed for completion is 15 minutes.

7) The normal justification thesis allows for deviant reasons.

8) The open cavity design allows for easy cleaning.

9) The small size allows for personalized training.

10) Videos allow for stronger search engine optimization.

11) Glass plate negatives allow for incredible detail.

12) It allows for wide variation between member congregations.

13) Larger holdings were allowed for less productive land.

14) It ” allowed for unity despite contrasts”.

15) The lower weight allows for easier installation.


example sentences with allow for

16) This method may allow for more effective planning.

17) This allowed for far more effective deception.

18) The smaller diameter allow for more rapid heating.

19) The high resolution allows for clear enlargement.

20) The floors were higher allowing for taller windows.

21) This positioning allows for optimum solar exposure.

22) This rule change allowed for faster turns.

23) The strong steel wire allows for less expensive wide pole spacing.

24) This allows for 2 mm gaps between frames.

25) No saving throw is ever allowed for armour.

26) These areas allow for large scale coconut plantations.

27) Two continuous tracks used together allow for steering.

28) Neither practice is allowed for traditional tobacco cigarettes.


How to use allow for in a sentence

29) The library itself allows for much integrated class meeting.

30) Banana plugs allow for attaching test leads.

31) He said dairy farmers should allow for increased income tax .

32) This allowed for very rapid multimedia visual transitions .

33) A buffet area allowed for private discussions .

34) This allows for automatic bed probing before each print .

35) One child allows for better life balance .

36) The conversational style allows for more openness .

37) The text chatting feature allows for private side discussions .

38) The stainless steel allows for extraordinary reflections.

39) Dre approved advance fee agreement allows for outsourced attorney audits.

40) Our system allows for multiple file transfers.