as one of in a sentence

as one of in a sentence

1) I recall those moments as ones of ecstasy.

2) He was hired as one of six campus ministries interns.

3) Their relationship was described as one of “functioning animosity”.

as one of example sentences

4) So enter as one of His servants.

5) As one of crowd I stand no chance.

6) Richard Dale was selected as one of those six.

7) I regard humour as one of life’s vital ingredients.

8) She described Monday as one of those epic days .

9) Cousin recounts the episode as one of sublime mystery.

10) Pakistan sees itself as one of these key actors.

11) My agent had exposed himself as one of the conspirators.

12) It reigns as one of our favorite attractions.

13) He was introduced as one of Americas front line experts.

14) I jumped as one of the shutters suddenly rattled.

15) His motorcycle is used as one of his special attacks.


example sentences with as one of

16) Burnham is portrayed as one of the gunmen.

17) Nickel carbonyl is considered as one of the strongest inhalation poisons.

18) This innings was later praised as one of his finest.

19) It is described as one of several streets of identical brick.

20) He is initially chosen as one of the four drivers.

21) The match was widely hailed as one of the best finals.

22) He appears as one of the villains.

23) Some read the novel as one of repression.

24) Pepsi has remained as one of his sponsors ever since.

25) It is regarded as one of his best works.

26) As one of your born and bred.

27) Silver was known as one of the seven sacred bodies.

28) Lee emerged as one of the springs surprise stories.


How to use as one of in a sentence

29) His atelier is preserved as one of several city museums.

30) He counts you as one of His.

31) Sarah is known as one of Hollywood’s favorite makeup artists.

32) And I would count myself as one of those.

33) But the Oslo process is widely seen as one of betrayal.

34) Many people enjoy travel as one of life’s best experiences.

35) Each move is classified as one of the 18 Pokémon types.

36) She was born there, as one of 14 children.

37) Peggy went along as one of her mother’s travelling companions.

38) The original Lafayette began as one of these.

39) He is regarded as one of Romania’s greatest national heroes.