atmospheric gas in a sentence

atmospheric gas in a sentence

1) The main atmospheric gases are carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

2) These percentages of atmospheric gases are for a completely dry atmosphere.

3) Tritium occurs naturally due to cosmic rays interacting with atmospheric gases .

atmospheric gas example sentences

4) An example is the mixing of atmospheric gases into the oceans.

5) Directly lifting atmospheric gas from Venus into space would probably prove difficult.

6) Some arachnids have structures called “book lungs” used for atmospheric gas exchange.

7) Atmospheric gases only absorb some wavelengths of energy but are transparent to others.

8) Removal of atmospheric gas in a more controlled manner could also prove difficult.

9) S.T. Demetriades proposed a method for refilling by collecting atmospheric gases .

10) The traces of argon and other atmospheric gases are considered to be unimportant.

11) Atmospheric gas present in that air space may also dissolve into the water sample.

12) Atmosphere of Earth the atmospheric gases .

13) The common name given to the atmospheric gases used in breathing and photosynthesis is air.

14) The homosphere and heterosphere are defined by whether the atmospheric gases are well mixed.

15) The attention drawn to atmospheric gases in the 1970 s stimulated many discoveries in future decades.


example sentences with atmospheric gas

16) There are three main ways that water can become supersaturated with excessive amounts of atmospheric gases .

17) In space, transmission of solar energy is unaffected by the filtering effects of atmospheric gasses .

18) Very possibly the atmospheric gases are the end products of the decay of these transuranic elements .

19) Though some radiation escapes into space, most is absorbed and subsequently re-emitted by atmospheric gases .

20) The importance of atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide for climate is well known and well publicised.

21) Oxygen and Nitrogen, the two other major atmospheric gasses , do not trap heat.

22) Most rock contains small amounts of gases that can be isotopically distinguished from the normal atmospheric gases .

23) Our mixture of atmospheric gases consists of molecules that are weakly influenced by one another through viscous forces.

24) The peatlands’ contribution to long-term fluctuations in these atmospheric gases has been a matter of considerable debate.

25) Even if water is extensively purified it readily dissolves small amounts of some atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide.

26) O2 and N2 which are some 99,7% of the atmospheric gases keeps the nights warm.

27) Includes study of the interactions between the various atmospheric gases and cosmic radiation, such as the ozone layer.

28) Everything we use comes in one form or another from the earth, its oceans or atmospheric gases .


How to use atmospheric gas in a sentence

29) The gases include vaporized meteoroid material and atmospheric gases that heat up when the meteoroid passes through the atmosphere.

30) Also there is some atmospheric gas (think CO2 here) that is absorbed by the coal over time.

31) A large quantity of oxygen , which is unstable as an atmospheric gas , shows that something is producing it.

32) At these high altitudes, the residual atmospheric gases sort into strata according to molecular mass (see turbosphere).

33) Meanwhile, atmospheric gases don’t seem to play that big a role in cloud formation, the study concluded.

34) Ice cores hold records of atmospheric gases that are used in most climate and atmospheric chemistry model simulations of past centuries.

35) The Earth then emits long-wave radiation that is readily absorbed by atmospheric gases , such as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

36) The latter two elements are present in soil, but nitrogen is an atmospheric gas that plants cannot use directly.

37) But atmospheric gases are not sorted by weight; the forces of wind can fully mix the gases in the atmosphere.

38) All the atmospheric gases other than noble gases present in the atmosphere are either made by organisms or processed by them.

39) Carbon atoms can form bonds not only with themselves but with the atoms of important atmospheric gases , oxygen and nitrogen.

40) Its instruments will measure characteristics of Mars ‘ atmospheric gases , upper atmosphere, and ionosphere, and the solar wind.