aunt in a sentence


1) n.) The sister of one’s father or mother; — correlative to nephew or niece. Also applied to an uncle’s wife.
2) n.) An old woman; and old gossip.


My aunt looks young.

His aunt looks young.

She resembles her aunt.

His aunt has three cats.

My aunt gave me an album.

He boarded with his aunt.

My aunt lived a happy life.

My aunt made me a new skirt.

He is staying with his aunt.

His aunt was 93 and bedridden.

He was accompanied by his aunt.

She was brought up by her aunt.

She came to live with her aunt.

Father named me after his aunt.

Does she get on with your aunt?

I came across my aunt in Europe.

My aunt is older than my mother.

His aunt is his legal guardian .

My aunt is generosity incarnate.

The news reached me via my aunt.

Are you stopping with your aunt?

Aunt Mary is my mother’s sister.

My aunt brought up five children.

She wrote to her aunt in America.

My aunt has just left for Canada.

I have an aunt who lives in Osaka.

My aunt inherited the huge estate.

I addressed the letter to my aunt.

They all say I take after my aunt.

My aunt is coming to Tokyo tomorrow.

My aunt has been dead for two years.

She commended the child to her aunt.

My aunt gave me a book for Christmas.

My aunt grows tomatoes in her garden.

Akiko has an aunt whose name is Hana.

He had a deep affection for his aunt.

Copy your aunt and you won’t go wrong.

My aunt always takes her rest at nine.

They are not really my aunt and uncle.

The earrings were a gift from my aunt.

Aunt Nessy was always a bit eccentric.

She was named Elizabeth after her aunt.

Aunt Jessica let out an inaudible sigh.

Aunt Mary wore shapeless black dresses.

I have an aunt who lives in Los Angeles.

The girl is deeply attached to her aunt.

My mother is on good terms with my aunt.

She joined her aunt in the sitting room.

Aunt Molly is a nag about regular meals.

I made him talk to his aunt on the phone.

My aunt enjoyed good health all her life.

I am going to stay with my aunt in Kyoto.

My aunt makes a lovely green lentil soup.

Her aunt kept her skivvying day and night.

His aunt maintained him at the university.

She received a small legacy from her aunt.

We are going to visit our aunt next Sunday.

Aunt Alice died, leaving almost $5 million.

Aunt Matilda was something of an eccentric.

I’m staying with my aunt for the time being.

She gave her aunt a quick peck on the cheek.

I made my peace with my aunt before she died.

He showed his crocodile tears when aunt died.

His aunt takes care of his dog during the day.

Her aunt takes care of his dog during the day.

Aunt Lena came to visit us at an awkward time.

Her aunt was small, with a rather fussy manner.

She’s staying with her aunt for the time being.

The woman who he thought was his aunt was a ser.

My aunt give me one of her brooch as a keepsake.

They are often a grandparent or an aunt or uncle.

The young man danced attendance on his rich aunt.

He’s going to visit his aunt and uncle next month.

My aunt gave me one of her brooches as a keepsake.

This pleased Aunt Tossie; an omen for the evening.

We’ve already overstayed our visit to Aunt Sophie.

SnarkMy aunt won an allexpensespaid tour of Hawaii.

I asked my aunt to tell the stories of her travels.

I calculate that Aunt Lena will arrive at 8.00 p.m.

Look out for your Aunt while you’re at the station.

My aunt Mary was petite, pretty, and very ambitious.

I went to stay with my uncle and aunt for a few days.

John Lennon bought his Aunt Mimi a bungalow in Poole.

ShishirMy sixtyyearold aunt inherited the huge estate.

After his parents’ death he was brought up by his aunt.

My aunt, who lives in Tokyo, sent me a beautiful blouse.

My aunt deals with customer complaints at a retail store.

My straitlaced aunt anna doesn’t approve of my miniskirts.

We could smoke and no great aunt would smell us and croak.

Aunt Edna was scathing about her cousin’s religious mania.

My straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn’t approve of my miniskirts.

It was a wonderful world, and the aunt was locked out of it.

My aunt asked me to join in with her on her holidays abroad.

Will you come if I can get the aunt to fork out twenty quid?

You’ll have to double up with Susie while your aunt is here.

Harry said his Aunt Erica sent good wishes, his eyes ironic.

It was assumed that this was just another Aunt Peg escapade.

I lost no time in visiting my aunt in the hospital yesterday.

Jane’s aunt disliked him very much and had some bad auspice .