Awful: in a sentence

Awful Meaning:

 a.) Frightful; exceedingly bad;

Awful Sentences:

What blooming awful weather!

Who’s making that awful din?

What flipping awful weather!

I met with an awful accident.

There’s an awful smell in here.

I’ve had a really awful haircut.

He had an awful ache in the belly.

We met and I thought he was awful.

The weather last summer was awful.

I made an awful mistake in the test.

She still has an awful lot to learn.

The awful thing is, it was my fault.

We had an awful earthquake last week.

I had an awful time at the conference.

Barbaric, we might exclaim, how awful!

The children were making an awful din.

Natto smells awful but tastes terrific.

The awful food at the inn disgusted us.

Natto smells awful but tastes delicious.

He suffered awful injuries in the crash.

The poor little bugger got an awful shock.

I feel awful about forgetting her birthday.

I felt awful when I realized what I’d done.

The rooms were awful and the food was worse.

When I try to walk, I get an awful pain here.

How were we to escape this awful predicament?

I got into an awful muddle with my tax forms.

Jill gradually became aware of an awful smell.

The old machine used to make an awful racket .

This swill is awful. Please give me some beer.

He dressed them down for the awful performance.

He remembered that awful moment with a shudder.

The thought of war is too awful to contemplate.

There is awful deprivation in the shanty towns.

They could only be curbed by an awful severity.

An awful lot of indecent exposure used to go on.

I’ve just made an awful botch of my translation.

It’s a really awful night, blowing heavens hard.

The thought of war was too awful to contemplate.

It was an awful job and I’m glad to be out of it.

It’s hard to stay sane under such awful pressure.

Collectively politicians tend to be pretty awful.

I can’t put up with this awful machine any longer.

So, in a nutshell, Rome’s awful, Lisbon’s spoiled.

The agent’s an awful duffer when it comes to dates.

She comperes that awful game show on Saturday night.

She kicked up an awful fuss when she heard about it.

That sister of yours has an awful lot to answer for.

I believe he seriously thinks me an awful Philistine.

The smell was awful. Putrefaction had already set in.

I like Charlie. Pity he had to marry that awful woman.

The awful spectre of civil war looms over the country.

There’s an awful lot of smut on television these days.

Can you close the door? There’s an awful draught in here.

The hospital provides typically awful institutional food.

You have no idea of what awful things have happened here.

The plight of starving people is too awful to think about.

I also heard that it’d been awful around the Olympic Flame.

I got an awful fright when I realised how much money I owed.

I had an intuition that something awful was about to happen.

It’s an awful nuisance having builders in the house all day.

In fact she felt awful, nauseous and light-headed and clammy.

Every time he inhaled, his lungs made an awful wheezing sound.

Heaven forbid that anything awful should have happened to her.

The awful truth about his disappearance finally dawned on her.

I’ve stopped believing most of what he says. Isn’t that awful?

I caught Roz having a giggle over some of Janet’s awful poetry.

I must make it up to him for the awful intrusion of last night.

The helicopter turned at an awful angle before righting itself.

We were faced with the awful reality of having nowhere to live.

If it’s any consolation to you, the weather here is also awful.

Why is the world so awful, cruel, pitiless that make people cry.

He truly represents an awful lot from a developmental standpoint.

The students were making an awful din and the teacher told them to pack it up.

They were Elephant Feet, the most dreaded, the most awful things in the world.

I got in an awful fluster at some traffic lights, so I failed my driving test.

The curtains in the photo are an awful fifties maroon, the color of dried blood.

But I have never witnessed anything so triumphantly awful as Notre Dame, Fourviere.

How awful to reflect that what people say of us is true!The people gathered about us.

He was an affable boy with sandy hair, a perennially scraped elbow, and an awful home.

The play was so awful that there was a general exodus from the theatre at the interval.

His breastplate was the aegis, awful to behold; his bird was the eagle, his tree the oak.