awkward in a sentence

Awkward Meaning:

a.) Not easily managed or effected; embarrassing.

She is awkward.

I am awkward with numbers.

The girl made an awkward bow.

He is awkward in his manners.

He asked an awkward question.

He seemed bashful and awkward.

He is awkward in his movements.

Have I come at an awkward time?

You were very awkward in doing it.

He used chopsticks in an awkward way.

I was guileless and awkward in sports.

His words created an awkward situation.

She asked some rather awkward questions.

It’ll be awkward getting cars in and out.

You’ve put me in a very awkward position.

She knew she would be gauche and awkward.

Amy made an awkward gesture with her hands.

I felt clumsy, shy and awkward at the party.

Make sure no awkward stretching is required.

He’s very awkward, he keeps dropping things.

It sounds awkward, almost self-contradictory.

There was an awkward silence when he appeared.

Aunt Lena came to visit us at an awkward time.

He walked with an awkward gait like a penguin.

He’s very deft at handling awkward situations.

The handle of this teapot has an awkward shape.

Your refusal puts me in an awkward predicament.

How did he wriggle out of the awkward situation?

I hoped he would stop asking awkward questions .

The president laughed off the awkward situation.

They felt awkward about having to leave so soon.

Philip’s remarks put her in an awkward position .

She felt hot and awkward and started to perspire.

Her movements were awkward and her gesture clumsy.

As a teenager he was painfully awkward in company.

Beyond her Gav stood looking awkward and sheepish.

I suddenly found myself in an awkward predicament.

He walks with an awkward gait because of an injury.

At this point an awkward fact will become manifest.

I felt awkward at intruding on their private grief.

You dealt with an awkward situation very tactfully.

The minister had to fend off some awkward questions.

He tried to dance, but he was too clumsy and awkward.

It hurt her and was awkward for me, too much, coaxing.

Somehow she managed to fend off the awkward questions.

This chisel is useful for getting into awkward spaces.

I looked horrible – this bony, awkward, pitiful image.

The conversation is awkward, moving in fits and starts.

Handling awkward neighbours can be a ticklish business .

A quick way to seal awkward gaps is to use a foam filler.

I felt awkward because they obviously wanted to be alone.

It’s an awkward corner to drive round, so take it slowly.

He made her feel hot, and awkward, and unsure of herself.

There was an awkward silence, when no one knew what to say.

His movements were clumsy, and his gait peculiarly awkward.

Alexandra looked plump and awkward in her cast-off clothing.

His gangling, awkward gait has earned him the name Spiderman.

I must have slept in an awkward position-I’m aching all over.

At best it was pointless; at worst it could be really awkward.

The autocrat strove in vain to deal with the awkward situation.

She never lost her social poise, however awkward the situation.

You know I have no intention of being awkward and obstreperous.

The doctor, taken by surprise , awkward and sheepish, knelt too.

He entered the room leaning forward, in a blundering awkward way.

Plenty of yuks ensue as she struggles with the awkward situation.

Unfortunately, Grandma always seems to awaken at awkward moments.

An aerosol spray will make short work of painting awkward objects.

A good carpenter can make a cupboard to fit the most awkward space.

I felt awkward among the lithe young sun-tanned girls on the beach.

The minister had to fend off some awkward questions from reporters.

She was awkward, and naive, and thrifty, and ill-read, and genteel.

Melanie walked with the slightly awkward gait of a very tall person.

The awkward boy I knew had metamorphosed into a tall, confident man.

V Moly A giant tortoise struggles in and out of his awkward clothes.

It was a stroke of genius on my part to avoid such awkward questions.

It feels awkward to get up and give your seat to someone on the train.

The box was too big and awkward, so I put these in a bag and brought them.

In actuality, he was more diffident and awkward than his physique suggested.

That was as awkward as being seen coming out of a love hotel in the morning.

Humor is the wisdom and resourcefulness that can alleviate an awkward situation.

Humor is the wisdom and resourcefulness those can alleviate an awkward situation.

When I turned round, I found that she had whipped off to avoid awkward questions.

As a result she was renowned for her ability to cope patiently with awkward guests.

In spite of the awkward questions the minister never let his guard fall for a moment.

Yet, in spite of its awkward, slouching gait, the hyena can run surprisingly quickly.

She had undergone an amazing metamorphosis from awkward schoolgirl to beautiful woman.

Carey bobbed like jetsam, always awkward even though Ellwood was swimming with the tide.

The incident came at an awkward time, preceding by a few days a visit by the Chief Rabbi.

All constraints had vanished and the two awkward teenagers on a blind date began to talk.

It is awkward to call the pediatrician every time the baby has a new blemish on her cheek.

Ah, well I’ve bandaged it for the meantime but if that’s awkward then it’s fine to replace it with a plaster when you get home.