ballpark sentences

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He showed me the way to the ballpark.

Could you tell me how to get to the ballpark?

In this ballpark what might be a double to left field can be a home run.

Wrigley Field was a ballpark, not the World’s Largest Beer Garden it is today.

The amount is in line with ballpark figures published by the Treasury in December.

“We provide them seasons tickets for the entire family to come down to the ballpark.

I can’t explain why the ball keeps going out of the ballpark, but it does, Murphy said.

A dome at a ballpark in Rosemont also collapsed, but no one was injured in the incident.

Orrison compares his travels to a baseball fan’s pilgrimage to every Major League ballpark.

551389 Panther ballpark has made some serious upgrades over the years and is almost complete.

“You have a ballpark here that’s how old, and it’s close, you have some maple bats that break.

909544 “We know that our ballpark is a community gathering place and that is what we need now.

The younger Mondesi remembers hanging around the ballpark during his dad’s days with the Dodgers.

Officials said there’s no threat to the ballpark, where the Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays are playing.