bottom fishing in a sentence

bottom fishing in a sentence

1) I prefer bottom fishing in the open ocean.

2) You can select between bottom fishing or deep sea fishing.

3) Ocean fishing is fair to good for bottom fishing .

bottom fishing example sentences

4) Spent entirely bottom fishing with three different families.

5) Halibut trips and bottom fishing trip scheduled for tomorrow.

6) Not to many of the bottom fishing boats reporting in today.

7) The flush mount holder is also suitable for drift and bottom fishing .

8) Bottom fishing is very good also, especially Halibut.

9) I would be proud to go bottom fishing with you anytime.

10) Carolina-rigged worms and lizards are very popular bass baits for bottom fishing .

11) Bottom fishing today was OK or shall we call it just OK.

12) Bottom fishing has been good but should even get better between the moons.

13) This nice salmon was caught on the Amigo on a bottom fishing trip.

14) Actually , bottom fishing in general has been consistently good for quite a while.

15) They did a little bottom fishing and got 1 JACK and 2 GROUPER.


example sentences with bottom fishing

16) Not much bottom fishing being attempted now, with the surface action being so productive.

17) Even the bottom fishing for marlin up the Pacific side isn’t working yet.

18) Bottom fishing also picks up.

19) I believe that bottom fishing was pretty good and that the crabbing was decent also.

20) This model was a CSY 44 hull and rigging modified to be a bottom fishing vessel.

21) The conditions for bottom fishing was not the best and we struggled to keep good drift.

22) CNN had a much more knowledgeable staff before ratings dropped and they had to go bottom fishing .

23) Heck we even used our cash to do some bottom fishing in that ridiculous sell-off.

24) Bottom fishing was reported as being a bit off with the majority of fish caught being triggerfish.

25) We offer guided surf trips, kayak operations plus light tackle casting, bottom fishing and bluewater trolling.

26) Drift and bottom fishing is the method applied when there is need to fish in deep water.

27) Bottom fishing was really good for some boats but others really had a tough time this morning.

28) In 1994, an area called the Experimental Oculina Research Reserve was completely closed to bottom fishing .


How to use bottom fishing in a sentence

29) But Scottish corals are threatened by adverse impacts of bottom fishing that damages and kills large areas of reef.

30) A LITTLE bottom fishing GOING ON!

31) Yesterday they released 10 SAILS so today did some bottom fishing getting 4 BIG GROUPER and 1 DORADO.

32) We finished the day off with some bottom fishing in which they took black sea bass home for dinner.

33) Bottom fishing for Halibut, Cod, Crab, Shrimp and Prawns are the main target species.

34) Happy bottom fisherman displaying the salmon they caught on a bottom fishing trip on the Morning Star Tuesday morning.

35) Some of our salmon boats were on extended trips with bottom fishing included so are still floating around out there.

36) Stan and his two friends were there bottom fishing off the point near the fertilizer plant near the wooden bulkhead.

37) Deep-sea fishing, shark fishing, light tackle fishing, and bottom fishing are all Brown’s Charter’s specialties!

38) Today would be a combination trip light tackle mix ,with little bottom fishing at the end of the day.

39) Bottom fishing has operated for over a century on heavily fished grounds such as the North Sea and Grand Banks.

40) The bottom fishing was terrific today with both the Sunrise and the Tacklebuster reporting limits and lots of Lingcod also.