characterized by in a sentence

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Malaysian society is characterized by the diversity of its ethnic groups.

Bangladesh has a monsoon climate, characterized by a season of heavy rains.

Traditional Korean society is characterized by tightly knit extended families.

Politics in that part of the world are characterized by violence and corruption.

Denmark’s social system is characterized by its extensive government welfare measures.

Living species of plants and animals are characterized by their constancy of general form.

The social system of Iceland is characterized by a remarkably even distribution of income.

Pitirim Sorokin found that all known human societies have been characterized by inequality.

Human behavior is characterized by the development of systems of meaning to interpret the world.

The paintings of Eugène Delacroix are characterized by broad sweeps of color and lively patterns.

Psychiatrists define depression as an affective disorder characterized by a profound and persistent sadness.

The paintings of Vassily Kandinsky are characterized by rhythmic lines, colors, and shapes, rather than any sense of narrative.

The islands of Fiji are characterized by white sandy beaches, spectacular rainforests, shifting sand dunes, and beautiful wildlife.

The islands of Fiji are characterized by white sandy beaches, impenetrable rainforests, shifting sand dunes, and beautiful marine life.

The Central American nation of Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the New World, and is characterized by an extraordinarily unequal distribution of income.

Today, most cacao, the principal ingredient in chocolate, is grown on conventional farms characterized by environmentally damaging pesticides, child labor, and poor working conditions.

The field in 2015 was characterized by a large number of upcoming young athletes.

Good reproductive health can be characterized by health, safety, and satisfaction.

Hydrocephalus is characterized by an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.

Type two is by far the most common and is characterized by high blood glucose levels.

He called the marketplace “incredibly crowded” but characterized by loyal customer bases.

The scenic route between Kiel and Lubeck is characterized by large lakes and dark forests.

A monsoon is characterized by a seasonal reversal in winds, along with a change in precipitation.

The disease is characterized by a loss of dopamine in the brain; there is no known cause or cure.

Right now, Ames’ life is largely characterized by a driven, almost monk-like approach to his work.

It’s been a week characterized by lackluster earnings with a few bright spots here and there, he said.

Many of its statues were characterized by rich body adornments .

It is characterized by persistent, though not necessarily overt, aggressiveness .

Living spaces are characterized by an Eastern approach to design.

The shrubby layer is characterized by plants to varying height (from 1 to 7 m).

Topography The region is characterized by mountainous areas, flat and rolling lands.

Foreman was sometimes characterized by the media as an aloof and antisocial champion.

A roach back is less common, but is characterized by a back that has insufficient curvature.

The landscape is characterized by rolling hills, high plateaus, and river and stream valleys.

Casual shoes are characterized by sturdy leather uppers, non-leather outsoles, and wide profile.

Benlliure’s style is characterized by detailed naturalism allied to an impressionistic spontaneity.

Mixed differentiation Certain markets are characterized by both horizontal and vertical differentiation.

A simple 4-Dimensional example of a competitive Lotka-Volterra system has been characterized by Vano et al.

As a monarch, he was recognized for his humanist ideas characterized by tolerance, far in advance of his time.

The Brancovan style is characterized by integration of Baroque and Oriental features into the local tradition.

The band’s releases were characterized by layered arrangements, dreamy melodies, and the fluid guitar of Scott Mather.

Oncosis is distinct from apoptosis and is characterized by a loss of cell membrane integrity without DNA fragmentation.

X-Ray analyses have shown the original heads to be characterized by Coppo’s typical, rather sketchy manner of painting.

Sacrificial objects The culture is characterized by the remains of animal sacrifice, which occur over most of the sites.

Geography Carriacou is the largest of the Grenadines and is characterized by hilly terrain sloping to white sand beaches.

Aurlandsdalen has become like the most of the other valleys, characterized by traffic, tourists and gradual urbanisation.

When in its ‘inactive’ state, vinculin’s conformation is characterized by the interaction between its head and tail domains.

A woman who accompanies the mafia in their schemes and is characterized by constant smoking and their low intellectual capacity.

Music Heavy Ghost is characterized by densely layered music features strings and horns on top of Stith’s guitar and piano tracks.

This was/is a region characterized by unending warfare and strife, inhabited by xenophobic/self segregating tribes with foreign origins.

Types Hypergammaglobulinemia is a condition that is characterized by the increased levels of a certain immunoglobulin in the blood serum.

Religion in Latin America is characterized by the predominance of Catholic Christianity, as well as by the presence of other world religions.

Piebaldism in humans is characterized by a white forelock, and pigmentless patches of skin on the forehead, brow, face, ventral trunk and extremities.

In humans, many heritable disorders characterized by mental retardation are linked to mutations in genes important to the actin polymerization pathway.

This phase, more common among children, is characterized by the idea that rules come from authority figures in one’s life such as parents, teachers, and God.

PHIVOLCS also noted that steaming activity was characterized by strong emission of white steam column that reached a maximum height of 200 meters above the crater rim.

Annual Review of Neuroscience 20:567-94 Aδ fibers Aδ fibers are characterized by thin axons and thin myelin sheaths, and are either D-hair receptors or nociceptive neurons.

The Lummi River today is characterized by a narrow channel.

Bigood’s oeuvre is characterized by a heavy reliance on invention.

The Pelphase is characterized by the belief that people are generally good.

Fang art is characterized by organized clarity and distinct lines and shapes.

For example, like people are essentially characterized by being able to think.

Their lives are characterized by instinct and emotions having to do with survival.

These rivers are characterized by their clear, cold water, and numerous tributaries.

The Lopez Opening or MacLeod Attack is a chess opening characterized by the moves :1.

Bourbon Baroque performed with finesse, in arrangements characterized by their good taste.

His madness is said otherwise to have been partial or characterized by many lucid intervals.

Dōgen’s teaching is characterized by the identification of practice as enlightenment itself.

Glory and joy are characterized by the sun, referring to ”Sol Invictus”, the “invincible sun”.

Talisman was a Swedish hard rock band characterized by an international melodic/powerful sound.

PANCHADARA KALASA Sucking type characterized by juicy and soft flesh with fibres. attractive shape.

Summer 2010 was characterized by economic uncertainty following professional financial obligations.

Summers are characterized by frequent fog and highs mostly in the upper sixties and lows in the fifties.

The Grewal/ Garewal villages are characterized by large land holdings and a large estates called Jagirdars.

FoLAR has been characterized by MacAdams as a “40 year art work” to bring the Los Angeles River back to life.

Milia en plaque is a cutaneous condition characterized by multiple milia within an erythematous edematous plaque.

Any surface damage (characterized by missing glass, such as chips or pits) typically cut book value by 50% or more.

The surrounding Mulanje mountain is characterized by densely populated plains situated at 600m-700m above sea level.

” The blast wave is characterized by an almost instantaneous rise from ambient pressure to a peak incident pressure (Pi).

The regional climate is characterized by mild winters and hot summers, with an annual precipitation of 25 to 100 centimeters.

Rhodactis is genus of “mushroom corals”, which are characterized by large individual polyps that are often reminiscent of a mushroom.

Taiko are also characterized by a high amount of tension on the drums heads, with a correspondingly high pitch relative to body size.

Incompressible aerodynamics An incompressible flow is characterized by a constant density despite flowing over surfaces or inside ducts.

These large land sales established the base of the present-day land tenure system, which is characterized by a skewed distribution of land.

7. S. austriaca and S. minima occurring in the Alps and Apennines are characterized by short glandular hairs and laterally positioned bract.

They are well-branched plants with erect stems, characterized by their numerous white, lavender or pink ray flowers and yellow disc flowers.

The dimeric form of M2-PK is characterized by a low affinity to its substrate PEP and is nearly inactive at physiological PEP concentrations.

Semispherical drums are a class of membranophone that is characterized by its body, similar to a section of a sphere whose cut conforms the head.

A process may be characterized by one, neither, or both, along two intersecting dimensions of low to high inclusion and low to high participation.

Landing gear was fixed, completely made of steel tubes and characterized by great strength which enabled a plane landing at the very rugged terrain.

His visual image, characterized by his long hair, mustache and big rings, softened the reaction of the otherwise conservative Turkish public opinion.

Her speech is portrayed in standard graphic novel block-caps, characterized by wavy, unpredictable orientation and a multi-colored gradient background.

“The Whistling Coon” was characterized by a light-hearted tune and lyrics which would be unacceptable today, in which a Black man is compared to a baboon.

DC Hand-Dance is characterized by very smooth footwork and movements, and close-in and intricate hand-turns, danced to a 6-beat, 6- to 8-count dance rhythm.

Gyaru fashion is typically characterized by dyed hair (which is often lightened to varying shades of brown or blonde), excessively decorated nails, and makeup.

Ephedrine and isomers were already isolated in 1881 from Ephedra dystachia and characterized by the Japanese organic chemist Nagai Nagayoshi of the 19th century.

Example 1: Bass figure (opening) The opening movement is characterized by an incessant bass ostinato on a low F, which continues in a regular pattern throughout.

Thirdly, Donelaitis is characterized by his clear stand in the social, ethnic, and moral clash between the immigrant colonists and the old Lithuanian inhabitants.

Some works, such as Wait A Minute, show them talking in groups, and are characterized by intricate detail of symbols embedded in their clothing or the canvas background.

Znamenny melodies are part of a system, consisting of Eight Modes (intonation structures; called hlasy); the melodies are characterized by fluency and well-balancedness.

Wine According to wine writer Tom Stevenson in The Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia, Château Cantemerle wines are characterized by rich, oaky, fruit flavors that balance well.

Track drops are characterized by large, sweeping ramps, effectively precluding the top and brake hood hand positions, but promoting the rider’s use of the ends, or “hooks”.

Classrooms are generally characterized by a significant degree of informality, and the school prides itself on the close relationship between the teachers and the students.

Chemisorption is characterized by chemical specificity.

Like all lorisids they are characterized by slow movements.

Trenchard’s time in command was characterized by three priorities.

The period from 1971 is characterized by the modernization activities.

The canyon proper is deep and narrow, characterized by vertical walls.

I. A new culture is emerging which is characterized by advanced technology.

The carbonic acid that remained was characterized by infrared spectroscopy.

The soil is characterized by shallow, with the presence of rock outcroppings.

Their walking legs were long and powerful, sometimes characterized by spines.

His sound is characterized by looped guitar riffs, drums, and repeated vocals.

The subfamily Chrysomyinae is characterized by a setose stem vein on the wings.

These marshy areas are characterized by the presence of cushion bog vegetation.

This period was generally characterized by a laissez-faire policy and corruption.

The second year class is characterized by skulls 55-95mm long, but still immature.

The facade looking on to the Mokhovaya Street is characterized by linear expansion.

All were characterized by strong leadership ( matrilineal ) and kin-based societies.

The emission from the intracluster medium is characterized by thermal bremsstrahlung.