choose from in a sentence

choose from in a sentence

1) Choose from several cruise times each night.

2) Adults choose from three offered classes each quarter.

3) The recipients were chosen from 247 applicants.

choose from example sentences

4) This was chosen from many nominated words.

5) There are class representatives chosen from each class.

6) Students may choose from 13 different categories.

7) Candidates are chosen from academically talented applicants.

8) It gives players more options to choose from .

9) Family guests can choose from 5 apartments.

10) The participants were chosen from a diversified population.

11) There are three different party games to choose from .

12) There are many flavors to choose from .

13) For more information choose from the list below.

14) Choose from multiple routes to full teacher status following graduation.

15) There are several sorting strategies to choose from .


example sentences with choose from

16) The sites were chosen from preliminary studies of 28 locations.

17) Please choose from the reading selections below.

18) There are numerous dishes to choose from .

19) So many beauty salons to choose from !

20) There are 3 different download quality levels available to choose from .

21) There are several birth control methods to choose from .

22) Choose from different layouts and color schemes.

23) There are numerous naming conventions to choose from .

24) There are six game modes to choose from .

25) Many menu items & daily specials to choose from .

26) There are many different models to choose from .

27) Here are several options to choose from .

28) There are different options to choose from .


How to use choose from in a sentence

29) There are five transitions to choose from .

30) There are 14 different color combinations to choose from .

31) There are several kinds to choose from .

32) The user may also choose from several accent colors.

33) Students are able to choose from multiple floor plans.

34) Choose from three levels of membership described below.

35) There are almost limitless possibilities to choose from .

36) There are many viable goals to choose from .

37) There are nearly 120 learning communities to choose from .

38) The imaginary person was choosing from two alternatives.

39) The special committee had to choose from eight projects.