city museum in a sentence

city museum in a sentence

1) The network includes dozens of city museums , libraries and organizations.

2) These three recently restored buildings together now house the city museum .

3) Copenhagen city museum : 10am to 5pm daily.

city museum example sentences

4) Today shows Stockholm city museum building during the summer months .

5) His atelier is preserved as one of several city museums .

6) We went to the Munich city museum .

7) The painting hangs today in the Munich city museum .

8) No. 2 is in the Leeds city museum .

9) A former International Shoe Company warehouse became the city museum .

10) Since 1937, these carpets belong to the Tallinn city museum .

11) The Spindletop-Gladys city museum is an open-air museum.

12) The Old Thomas from 1952 is in Tallinn city museum .

13) Moore’s winning bicycle is in Ely city museum in Cambridgeshire.

14) The Nagoya city museum showcases the history of the town.

15) Since that day, no city museum has been created in İstanbul.


example sentences with city museum

16) A new Leeds city museum opened in 2008 in Millennium Square.

17) She works at the city museum .

18) Famous artist Margarita Velandia known by her work in city museum .

19) He frequents the city’s museums and becomes familiar with German expressionism.

20) City museum was founded in 1913, hosting archaeological, ethnographic and art collections.

21) This vehicle is still in existence, preserved in the Bristol city museum .

22) museums include Kobe city museum and Kobe city museum of Literature.

23) museums include Kobe city museum and Kobe city museum of Literature.

24) The Belgrade city museum moved into a new building in downtown in 2006.

25) The janitor at the city museum .

26) There is time after lunch to visit the city museum with a significant archaeological collection.

27) His daguerreotype of Ulfeldts Plads is in the Copenhagen city museum .

28) Tekke of Sheh Emini is located next to the Gjakova city museum .


How to use city museum in a sentence

29) He died in 1889, leaving his collection of pianos to the city’s museum .

30) The Ginowan city museum is located next to Mori no Kawa Park.

31) The largest of the city-supported museums is the Gifu city museum of History.

32) The tapestries are the property of the city museum (Linnamuuseum) since 1937.

33) The former corn mill is owned by Bristol city museum and is open to the public.

34) When not in ceremonial use they can be seen at the Galway city museum .

35) Solaglas Gallery, Bristol city museum and Art Gallery; until January 10 .

36) Ürümqi city museum () is located at South Nanhu Road 123 ().

37) The artifacts are today preserved in the Sendai city museum and other museum in Sendai.

38) Two years previously Banksy show at the city museum and Art Gallery had attracted large crowds.

39) Chihuly’s largest permanent exhibit can be found at the Oklahoma city museum of Art.

40) A bust of Whitefield is in the collection of Gloucester city museum & Art Gallery.