coming together in a sentence

The Hindu religion was not founded by one individual, but is the result of the coming together of many religious beliefs.

Norman Podhoretz once suggested that creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence.

A global coalition of experts is coming together to say exactly that.

“It’s refreshing to see a university coming together on something,” Mould said.

We were all coming together for a common cause, without any bad feelings, he said.

420708 It was about peace and love and the brotherhood, and crews coming together.

In coming together we help build the climate movement and inspire others to join us.”

It’s not that different from coming together as movement and fighting for social change.”

Now, we’re seeing it coming together with a lot of political will and that gives me optimism.

They all agree about one thing, however: They say the deal coming together here is inadequate.

23583 After much encouragement, publishers are coming together to gingerly take steps into adulthood.

The Local 1973 has a history of coming together to protest in solidarity.

We are all coming together to fight for a common cause – called humanity.

The name “Union Chapel” was adopted to reflect the coming together of the different denominations.

”’ Bad Release timing of the Film-”’ This Film was released when Indian and Pakistan were coming together.

The Parma Senior High Orchestra is a class consisting of students coming together to perform Classical to Modern Music.

Compaine believes due to convergence, two or more things coming together, the media has been saved.

Norman Yardley and captain Wally Hammond had defied the Australian bowlers since coming together at 5/66.

Before ABDC Before coming together to form I.aM.mE, the members had all achieved considerable success by themselves.

Peacemaker Circle International is a grassroots activist organization which believes that harmony can come from people with opposing ideas and interests coming together.

“A lot of things are coming together at the right time.”
A global coalition of experts is coming together to say exactly that.
Ban called the coming together in Paris “the apex of multilateralism.”
Allowing ourselves a little vulnerability at a distance, and thus, coming together.
Accordion players from Canada and all over the world will be coming together for a variety of acts and events.
“At the same time, they want individuals such as myself as clergy to preach peace and coming together,” he said.
And the problem that I see here is the community isn’t coming together in a cohesive group like they did in Utah.”
Backcountry skiing The folks from Kananaskis Public Safety are very pleased with how the snowpack is coming together.
And I feel like the fern with its multiple points represents multiple cultures coming together and growing upward into the future.
At that time, community members rallied around the mosque, coming together to clean the graffiti and offer support to Muslims in the area.
After coming together in the corner in the second period when Dubinsky ran into Crosby, the two grabbed each other’s jerseys and began swinging away.
A few streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon and M-Go, offer some 4K content, and a standard for 4K Blu-ray discs is coming together this year.
Aaron Barksdale Voices Editorial Fellow, The Huffington Post Some of the music industry’s biggest stars are coming together to raise their voices for a cause.
As others have noted, the idea of citizens coming together to plan for a more sustainable future is a direct rebuke to murderers whose goals were fear and resignation.
As we look ahead with great hope and confidence, I am thankful for the coming together of various groups for the betterment of our country, through the Partnership for Jamaica.
As much as I obviously love having Liberal events, it’s really cool to see all different political stripes of Canadians coming together and appreciate something at the same time.”