crack down in a sentence

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Dozens of people are killed when security forces crack down on demonstrations.

He hopes police increase patrols in bad neighborhoods to crack down on such crimes.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has vowed to crack down on those responsible within its territory.

Rights groups say it uses state security as a pretext to crack down on political dissent.

The police, for their part, swiftly announced that it would crack down on gang activities.

Users were outraged, which doesn’t bode well for the site’s plans to crack down on harassment.

Two weeks ago, Budapest launched a crack down, blocking illegal migrants from entering the country.

It’s impossible to stop the looting but he is adamant more could be done to crack down on the trade.

Since the post went viral, the companies have vowed to crack down on sexual harassment by employees.

In 1934, Blomberg encouraged Hitler to crack down on SA leader Ernst Röhm and his followers, whom he believed posed a serious threat to the army.

In 2011, HMRC stated that it would continue to crack down on tax evasion, with a goal of collecting £18 billion in revenue before 2015.

The Navy had been under some pressure to crack down on the drag racing and shut down the airfield to drag racing after the accident.

By 1860, piracy became a serious issue, and Colonial Governor Richard Macdonnell began to crack down on crime and revitalise the area.

The U.S. has pressured and enabled Thailand to crack down on the insurgency with more proactive military force.

Todd Graves (R) had been pressed to bring a civil suit against Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, (D) for allegedly failing to crack down on voting fraud.

Authorities should also crack down hard on Hughes to dissuade copycats, Norton said.
At 36, he is the youngest candidate, and his moderate, business-friendly policies plus a pledge to crack down on corruption have attracted voters.
A series of legal measures dating back to 2004 have done away with birthright citizenship in an effort to crack down on illegal immigration from Haiti.
Also, though vendors tried to set up their own nine-person collectives to try to skirt the law, the DPH threatened to crack down further if they did so.
About 90 nations will also amend thousands of bilateral treaties to crack down on businesses using “shell companies” in third countries to circumvent tax.
A day after Pope Francis urged world leaders to cut fossil-fuel emissions, Australia outlined plans to appoint a commissioner to crack down on wind farms.
As part of the changes, Brown said additional measures will crack down on water inefficiency as California enters the fourth year of a worsening water crisis.
As part of the changes, Brown said additional measures will crack down on water inefficiency as California enters the fourth year of a worsening-water crisis.
3. Tax loopholes shut: Osborne has updated his plans to crack down on corporate tax evasion, which should bring in £5 billion ($7.3 billion) over the next two years.
As online sex is growing into a trend, it has become more difficult for law enforcement departments to crack down on the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers, she said.
Baldres said she was especially struck by the pope’s message on Friday calling on the Philippine government to crack down on corruption and lift others out of “scandalous” poverty.
09:30: Government ‘must be tough’ on tax The Andrew Marr Show If people are setting up “false structures” to avoid tax, Labour will crack down on it, shadow chancellor Ed Balls says.