deep sea fishing in a sentence

deep sea fishing in a sentence

1) Deep sea fishing involves the fish below 1 000 feet.

2) Off coast, worldwide renowned deep sea fishing awaits.

3) Deep sea fishing and sailing are also extremely popular.

deep sea fishing example sentences

4) It was a ship used for deep sea fishing .

5) This was deep sea fishing at its best.

6) Additional charges for deep sea fishing and scuba diving nearby.

7) You can select between bottom fishing or deep sea fishing .

8) We had two great deep sea fishing trips last year.

9) fishing in the district include inland fishing and deep sea fishing .

10) Two fibreglass boats are available for deep sea fishing and diving.

11) fishing trips are available in the summer, including deep sea fishing .

12) He enjoyed traveling, deep sea fishing , golf and playing bridge.

13) I was able to enjoy my first deep sea fishing trip without getting seasick.

14) He enjoys bird hunting, scuba diving, fishing and deep sea fishing and swimming.

15) We went on deep sea fishing trip and hotel was walk distance from the dock.


example sentences with deep sea fishing

16) This is the earliest evidence of advanced deep sea fishing technology found anywhere in the world.

17) Also close by there are sites for deep sea fishing and Scuba Diving.

18) There are whale watching tours, deep sea fishing excursions, endless restaurants and endless shopping opportunities.

19) Deep sea fishing – A most sensational deep sea fishing adventure can be yours this vacation.

20) Deep sea Fishing- A most sensational deep sea fishing adventure can be yours this vacation.

21) A fishing pier was added to support deep sea fishing boats operating out of Port Hueneme.

22) The yacht was made available for deep sea fishing side-trips by the excursionists arriving by train.

23) Deep sea fishing offers everything from conger eel to codling, even the occasional shark.

24) Deep sea fishing is becoming more accessible with technological advances and more attractive as global fish stocks decline.

25) Salcombe’s seamen and craftsmen moved to the deep sea fishing ports or to the dockyards.

26) Our deep sea fishing Charter could be your ticket to the battle of a lifetime.

27) Enjoy deep sea fishing , collect shells or enjoy the sun in our beautifully decorated four-year-old unit.

28) Deep sea fishing for marlin, tuna, or dorado can be exciting and gastronomically rewarding.


How to use deep sea fishing in a sentence

29) Ultra-Heavy rods are used in deep sea fishing , surf fishing, or for heavy fish by weight.

30) Ernest Hemingway was fascinated by game hunting and deep sea fishing , capped with drinks and some writing.

31) Deep sea fishing – Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Shark.

32) A versatile rod range suitable for all kinds of boat fishing, but specifically designed for deep sea fishing .

33) Sailing and deep sea fishing for tarpon and snapper are among other activities travelers to southwest Florida can enjoy.

34) Nearby restaurants, golfing, deep sea fishing , and even a drive-in theatre give plenty of entertainment options.

35) Just seconds from one of the finest beaches in PEI as well as walking distance to deep sea fishing .

36) Amitriptyline cocktail suicide – Takes oregon deep sea fishing trips causing mental tension by creating a away by themselves but.

37) If you are going deep sea fishing , make sure to pack some medication for sea sickness just in case.

38) All watersports, with the exception of scuba diving and deep sea fishing are complimentary to guests of the hotel.

39) Deep sea fishing industry will be developed to take advantage of India’s long coastline and its exclusive economic zone.

40) This increase in numbers could also be due to northern gannets benefiting from the growing activities of deep sea fishing .