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Cage defeated Abyss to retain the championship.

In 2009, the 1st XV defeated Royal Belfast Academical Institution in the final of the Schools Cup.

This was defeated by 48 votes to 21, with four abstentions .

After the Red Hulk was defeated, A-Bomb reverted to Rick.

Even I was defeated.

He admitted himself defeated.

We defeated them in baseball.

Our team defeated our opponent .

His illness defeated all his hopes.

He defeated his powerful antagonists.

We defeated the other team by points.

They defeated our team by three goals.

Our team defeated them by at baseball.

The defeated team slowly left the field.

He defeated his opponent in the election.

His lack of cooperation defeated our plan.

The defeated army retreated from the country.

But I’ll never be defeated, never lose my way.

Bravely though they fought, they were defeated.

The proposal was defeated by a vote of 15 – 10.

The proposed bylaw was defeated by a vote of 5-3.

He tried his best, but in the end he was defeated.

I didn’t want to be defeated in front of my friends.

The allies defeated the evil empire in the fierce battle.

New Jersey defeated Dallas in 6 games to win the Stanley Cup.

France defeated Mexico in the final match to win the soccer trophy.

The fascist army of Mussolini was defeated in the Second World War.

The communist North defeated the South in Vietnam during the war there.

After failing his test a second time, Timothy felt completely defeated.

His own lack of confidence defeated him in his attempt to win the game.

Find someone who has defeated an opponent in a sports competition.

defectThe victorious country dictated the terms of peace to the defeated country.

In the American Civil War, the forces of the North defeated those of the South.

I’d defeated the four subbosses and got through the damn long underground labyrinth.

In 1912, Turkey was defeated by an alliance of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro.

Tennis star Bjorn Borg defeated John McEnroe in straight sets to win the cup at Wimbledon.

Scotland’s William Wallace was defeated by the English army in 1298, and later executed in London.

Epicurus once said that in a philosophical dispute, he gains most who is defeated, since he learns most.

The French were defeated by the English on the Plains of Abraham in Canada’s most important military battle.

Putting his trust in God and taking the bull by the horns, the Christian gladiator defeated many adversaries.

In February of 1971, the male voters of Liechtenstein defeated a referendum on giving women the right to vote.

In Greek mythology, Typhon is an ugly many-headed monster who was defeated and cast into the underworld by Zeus.

In October of 1941, German dictator Adolf Hitler declared: “Russia is defeated, and will never rise again.

” declineWhen Lord Tokugawa defeated his enemies in 1600, he established himself as the first great shogun of a united Japan.

At the battle of Puebla, Mexican troops defeated the French army despite being outnumbered, and having fewer weapons.

Norman Vincent Peale once observed, “Believe you are defeated, believe it long enough, and it is likely to become a fact.

“I think that against somebody like that, my seemingly clever techniques would be seen through and then I would be defeated.

In a surprising upset this afternoon, last year’s tennis champion was defeated by an 18-year-old newcomer to the pro circuit.

Marilyn Vos Savant once noted that being defeated is often a temporary condition.

Giving up is what makes it permanent.

In 1173, King William I, Lion of Scotland, joined a rebel coalition which invaded the north of England, but was defeated by Henry II.

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