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A-Bomb looks up the information where they must end the Wendigo curse by defeating the Wendigo King.

The Upper House seems bent on defeating any reform bills.

At the age of 16, Alexander the Great led his father’s army in defeating an attack by foreign soldiers.

The guerrilla tactics of the North Vietnamese were successful in defeating the superior military strength of the U.S. A merger of the right-wing political parties now seems to be the only feasible way of defeating the Liberal Party in this country.

The thing is, at a certain point, outlandish stunts are self-defeating.

So, what do our leaders think is the key to defeating the terror group?

June 16, 2008 – Wins the U.S. Open in sudden death, defeating Rocco Mediate.

Bewildered drivers sometimes just turn them off, defeating the safety potential.

The Flyers advanced to the next round of the tournament, defeating the Broncos 56-55.

707953The deputy Speaker won his seat by 98 votes, defeating the JLP’s Heroy Clarke.

Vasek Pospisil led the tie-break victory by defeating Go Soeda in straight sets on Sunday.

Kuwait also recorded its third win in a row in the group by defeating Laos 2-0 at Vientiane.

She is a PFP member and has the best chance of defeating the KMT’s candidate in her district.

In other matches, Hunter Wagler won at No. 3 singles 6-2, 6-1 for AHS defeating Gable Peacock.

McGurk is the deputy head of a coalition of 62 nations committed to defeating the Islamic State.

In Syria, ISIS captured the ancient city of Palmyra after defeating the Syrian government forces.

With enough awareness, you can interrupt that defeating thought next time – before it does damage.

The Eskimos last went to the title game in 2005, defeating the Montreal Alouettes 38-35 in overtime.

EA ran their NHL season simulation, which ended with the Ducks defeating the Canadiens in the Finals.

We are defeating these ancient companions of the poor, paving the way for a mass exodus from poverty.

In this Aug. 3, 2012 file photo, France’s Alexis Vastine smiles as he exits the ring after defeating …

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