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Its abysmal and defending it is even worst .

Greg is defending his thesis this Thursday.

She went out on a limb defending him, and now she has lost her job.

halfbtThe red on the country’s flag symbolizes the blood of those who died defending the nation.

The soldiers’ heroism in defending their position from enemy attack was recognized by the President in his speech.

Defending your space against drones Will this box change car design?

73979As attorney general, I am defending that state law rigorously.

Meanwhile Tiger Woods and the defending champ Martin Kaymer struggled.

“We expelled a lot of energy defending in that first 20 minute period.

He also spent a decade defending police in discipline cases in Ontario.

Tour de France champion Vincenzo Nibali You are the defending champion.

He will be defending his WBA, IBF and WBO belts against Britain’s Fury.

3:15 p.m. Wimbledon’s defending champion is through to the second round.

Britain will be defending the trophy that Murray led them to last month.

Whether he’s trying to score, defending or being a monster on the board.

Much like last year, the defending champions have been less than dominant.

Three-time defending champion Daniel Gyurta of Hungary was third in 2:08.10.

Defending world champions Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte of Italy are third.

Lucy Luttman, defending, told the court Knapp suffered from ADHD and dyslexia.

For Holy Redeemer, five-time defending champ in District 2, there is no mystery.

The 28-year-old Pakistani man is defending himself in federal court in Brooklyn.

If they surround the referee, we are charged, Mourinho said, defending his team.

McCarthy released his own statement Tuesday defending the work of the committee.

But if Putin changes his mind, the Europeans don’t plan on defending themselves.

Hendren was more interested in defending Edward Scissorhands than Edward Snowden.

The defending AL champions finished with the best record in the league this year.

Added Cruz: “You think defending this nation is expensive, try not defending it.”

Today she gets rich by defending some of the most repressive regimes in the world.

The lure of salvation for fanatically defending the faith is proving irresistible.

You go into the race as defending champion: Do you think you can defend your title?

Dowdy added on defending NMCC: “Our goal was to make them shoot over the top of us.

Males take all of this to the next level by establishing and defending territories.

849984This probably won’t be the last, Obama said, defending the change of course.”

The defending champion remains unbeaten and is one point above second-placed Rennes.

Seattle ranks only 18th per Football Outsiders in defending passes to that position.

Florida State (13-1), the defending national champion, was done in by five turnovers.

“Any time you’re defending a title, you want to come back and give it a valiant effort.

Griner plays for the defending champion Phoenix Mercury and Johnson for the Tulsa Shock.

They did not fight because they had no territory worth defending, as the Paiute did (1).

They will face the defending AL champion Royals, starting Thursday night in Kansas City.

Philip Rowley, defending, said Marsh, admitted the contempt and apologised to the court.

This time, it was Orbán defending his country against the paternalism of foreign powers.

Clinton disagrees with Jordan’s portrayal of what happened and is defending her actions.

It appears to be what they’re telling it is so far, a man defending his family Hall said.

The theme of our parade this year is Celebrating Our Freedoms and Defending Our Liberties.

Defending champion Singapore and Malaysia played to a 35-35 draw in the preliminary round.

He shot Fenner in the chest and torso while Fenner was defending the person, deputies said.

I feel my work was betrayed, he added as he criticized the defending for Leicester’s goals.

On Wednesday, defending champion Real Madrid is at Germany’s Schalke and Basel hosts Porto.

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