did nothing in a sentence

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He did nothing wrong
He did nothing wrong.

We did nothing in particular.

He did nothing out of the way.

My mother did nothing but weep.

She did nothing but cry all day.

She did nothing but look around.

He did nothing but fold his arMs.
He did nothing but read newspapers.

He did nothing but watch TV all day.

The hungry baby did nothing but cry.

She did nothing but weep at the news.

She did nothing but cry at the sight.

He did nothing but lie in bed all day.

The girl did nothing but read all day.

As far as I know, he did nothing wrong.

I am convinced that he did nothing wrong.

He did nothing but complain about his job.

He did nothing but stand watching the scene.

For a while she did nothing but stare at me.

Her father did nothing but weep at her wedding.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband’s death.

He did nothing but weep when he heard of his mother’s death.

He did nothing but read novels in his junior high school days.

Someone once suggested that any new venture goes through the following stages: enthusiasm, complication, disillusionment, search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent, and decoration of those who did nothing.

“He did nothing more than comment on current affairs on social media.

I did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either.

“The right, which did nothing and doesn’t propose anything, achieves nothing.

He told the court his client did nothing wrong and should not have been charged.

If we did nothing, we would be provoking Russia for aggression, like it was in..

The human at the wheel did nothing except turn on a button to kick in the technology.

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi “did nothing to our sons because they are Christians.”

He also filed a defamation case, but Baynham claimed Furlong did nothing to advance it.

He said the family that didn’t vaccinate and endangered the Jacks children did nothing wrong.

You did nothing to perpetuate an investigation that would lead us to the truth,” Duffy charged.

Dow says the CEO did nothing wrong and that there have been no problems since with his expenses.

Brazeau has long vowed he did nothing wrong and is determined the fight the charges against him.

Wilson would only say he’s pleased with the determination the riding association did nothing wrong.

Police Chief George M. Sears, appointed by Irones, did nothing.

Renshaw did not think that the agreement allowed for all this but, in the end, did nothing, due to the lack of a written document.

A widely publicized fistfight between Long and former governor Jared Y. Sanders during the campaign did nothing to damage Long’s popularity.

Perez turned himself in to state police, stating that he had a lapse in judgment but did nothing illegal, and vowed that he would not step down as Hartford’s mayor.

Onlookers reported that the police stood by and did nothing.

Gardner argued that he did nothing wrong, and appealed the decision.

Young, newly married men formed the community’s warriors, while middle-aged men did nothing, mainly.

The showdown did nothing to settle the argument, but Lowe’s position as Chief Aeronaut allowed him to prevail.

Haq allegedly received a traffic ticket on the way to the shooting, but did nothing to arouse the officer’s suspicions.

He called Goodman a “bore” and claimed he did nothing about the treatment Wardell Gray faced at a segregated club in Las Vegas.

The pro-Greek Epirotes felt betrayed by the Greek government, because it did nothing to support them with firearms.

However, TBN did nothing to verify Rendalen’s claims and aired the story as “proof” of the validity of the original story.

Owin at first did nothing, but about an hour later Chad called him in and told him to fetch the seven brothers from the church.

F. W. Winterbotham claimed that Churchill had advance warning, but intentionally did nothing about the raid, to safeguard Ultra.

Tabari, v. 35: p. 113 Aftermath The outcome of the war did nothing to solve the problems that had been responsible for it in the first place.

Ashen-Shugar was the only Dragon Lord to disapprove of his son’s plan, but he did nothing but watch as the other Dragon Lords rose to battle the gods.

The Company procured opposing petitions, which claimed that the Company did nothing contrary to their charter and their powers “greatly conduce to prevent usury “.

“All these people did nothing wrong,” Abdoulaye Wade said.
All the while, Smith says, Green stood back and did nothing.
“Basically, it was just a spark, and did nothing more,” he said.
Apology Kane said he did nothing wrong and expected to be absolved.
Back then, the Sikeston Police Department took the report and did nothing afterwards.
Attorneys for all six of the employees under investigation said they did nothing wrong.
“And then, from January to August 2014, we did nothing but lose and defend ourselves against Daish.
At least five students later became aware of the unconscious woman in obvious distress, but did nothing to report it.
A judge says an Edmonton foster mother did nothing that contributed to the death of a baby in her care four years ago.
Although the film did nothing to hurt Clooney’s career, it frequently is cited among one of the worst films of all time.
Attorneys for Perez and Sandy say the pair did nothing wrong, and training by the Albuquerque Police Department may contradict the law.
A streetscape project certainly made the appearance better, even though it did nothing to help the horrid traffic situation in historic downtown Winder.
Angelica Hale later resigned, saying the couple had endured a hostile work environment since complaining and that Dean Gwen Alexander did nothing in response.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Grigg said Marquez did nothing to stop Farook from carrying out the San Bernardino attack, including trying to get the guns back.
A hike in the rate is increasingly looking like a fait accompli, and Fed Chair Janet Yellen did nothing to slow down that speculation with a speech on Wednesday.
Another suit claims Greenhouse and Stafford “stood idly by and did nothing” when another officer assaulted a teenage boy at a Fourth of July celebration in 2013.