driver in a sentence

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Learn how to use driver in a sentence – Example sentences:

The same would apply to the abstracted car driver.

Advanced chassis and driver assistance technologies are abundant .

The people pushing will aid and abet the driver.

The primary driver is dust and debris abatement .

He is a bad driver.

He is a bus driver.

She is a taxi driver.

Is she a taxi driver?

He is an expert driver.

My wife is a poor driver.

My boss is a slave driver.

She is a very poor driver.

Don’t be a backseat driver.

I think he is a good driver.

He is a very careful driver.

Her brother is a good driver.

Their father is a taxi driver.

Do you think he is a good driver?

Could I see your driver’s license?

Do you have your driver’s license?

She wants to get a driver’s license.

He works on the railroad as a driver.

They demanded damages from the driver.

They blamed the driver for the accident.

Don’t worry, he’s a very cautious driver.

The bus driver glared at us for shouting.

My driver’s license will expire next week.

She’s too young to get a driver’s license.

Find someone who has a driver’s license.

lidI’m going to go and get my driver’s license.

I had my driver’s license renewed last month.

She is old enough to hold a driver’s license.

She could see the driver from where she stood.

The bus driver put our skis in the luggage bin.

The policeman blamed the accident on the driver.

The police blamed the accident on the taxi driver.

Go and find the driver who arrived here yesterday.

I will get a driver’s license when I reach eighteen.

How did Barbara do on her driver’s test yesterday?

CNThe policeman blamed the taxi driver for the accident.

I saw the man knocked down and the driver driving away.

The driver carefully inspected his car before the race.

The bus driver braked quickly to avoid the oncoming car.

The scenery diverted the driver’s attention from the road.

Special services include a personal driver for each guest.

The driver said that the first bus starts at a.


The driver flicked his cigarette out the window of his car.

Tom caught a glimpse of the driver as the train raced past.

The accident cost the driver of the car the use of his legs.

The car slammed into the wall after the driver lost control.

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