dropping in a sentence

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Learn how to use dropping in a sentence – Example sentences:

Tears were dropping from her eyes.

My father is dropping me off at the airport along the way.

He managed to avoid damaging my reputation by dropping a hint.

If the scales are dropping off the fish like that, you can be sure that it is not very fresh.

We sped into the narrow track, hardly dropping any speed.

It’s a short cut! Oi! It’s a footpath!!Mick Jagger majored in European history and literature at the London School of Economics before dropping out to form The Rolling Stones.

The dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima signaled the beginning of an era in which man has become capable of destroying all life on our planet.

The teams wasted little time dropping the gloves in the first period.

Three contracted helicopters are currently dropping water on the fire.

Girls are dropping out of school because there are no private toilets.

This shift has largely been driven by dropping support levels in Quebec.

It was a really weird feeling, dropping a guy off with a one-way ticket.

The Lady Rebels began the week, dropping a 57-48 decision at Marked Tree.

They essentially lose a guy, in a way rather than just dropping everybody.

So, it’s kind of different than dropping out at 11th grade in high school.”

C.) announced Monday that he is dropping out of the 2016 presidential race.

(Esquire) 121. That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”

I’m not really frustrated, but I just have to stop dropping it, Thomas said.

Earlier there were smoke jumpers, planes and helicopters dropping retardant.

Their dropping of a levy on coal-fired power stations has angered ecologists.

Crews relied on retardant-dropping aircraft to battle the hard-to-reach fire.

The new regulation just slashed this standard further, dropping it to 70 ppb.

180641CVS, late on Thursday, said its Caremark program was dropping Philidor.

A giant dial with the needle already at the half-way mark and slowly dropping.

North Central is dropping from Class 2A to Class A in all of the affected sports.

The vice president struggled with the decision for months before dropping the idea.

269368He had stopped and parked illegally while dropping off his child at daycare.

520174Now we have to pay it when the population is dropping and becoming older.”””

All told, profits during the two periods are seen dropping 42% from year-ago levels.

But internal disagreements with the party’s leadership resulted in him dropping out.

We’re expecting to hit a high of 15 C today, with the low dropping to 2 C overnight.

Hollywood sets being what they are, she was not alone during her pants-dropping takes.

That jaw-dropping moment was followed by the death of Jax himself in the series finale.

Brussels has tied any dropping of sanctions to the full implementation of a peace deal.

Now that temperatures are dropping across the province, they expect that number to rise.

What Firefox OS needs Orange is a Firefox OS fan, but it’s not dropping its Android line.

The idea is to win time and get the support of Germany by dropping any talk of a haircut.

The 21-year-old birdied two of his first three holes before dropping a shot at the fifth.

He even has a generous habit of dropping spare change in expired downtown parking meters.

Meanwhile, Rosemont is dropping its tuition from the current $33,000 to $18,500 next year.

The engineers can’t go up so they have to go down, dropping the level of the entire track.

She pictured it dropping from the sky, the taut bounce as it rose only to fall back again.

Cities may require fewer parking spaces if cars can return home after dropping off owners.

But as the world’s premier 100-miler, featuring jaw-dropping views, it’s worth the effort.

On Saturday, Karlsson was recorded dropping his squeaky football to rush to the television.

Given those risks, Wall Street is doing its best to read any signals Yellen may be dropping.

The English teacher was scared for them when the Taliban started dropping notes at his door.

We were dropping them whole, deep fried, and then tossing in an Asian peanut sauce dressing.

The city’s population was 494,294 on July 1, 2005, before dropping to 230,172 one year later.

Fortunately the tour buses are only dropping people off at the main beach surrounding Houpihu.

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